Various IRGC missiles and UAVs

An exhibition of achievements of the Aerospace Forces of the IRGC opened in Iranian Qom. Various missiles and UAVs are shown, including reconnaissance and strike Shahed-129, Shahed-191, etc., as well as Shahed-136 "kamikaze" drones. Actually, the most interesting point here is that for the first time in Iran it was officially announced that the range of the Shahed-136 is up to 2500 km, the total weight is 200 kg and the weight of the warhead…

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Intelligence found evidence that Iranian drones were supplied to Russia after February 24 #IranLies

"The propeller of the "Mohajer-6" drone was manufactured only in February of this year. It is only manufactured. And it still took time to deliver it to the Russian Federation. That is, they were delivered this year", - Vasyl, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Ukraine. The Iranian Mohajer is assembled from parts of different countries: it has an Austrian engine and a Japanese camera. "We did not find any…

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Iran may transfer a new type of Meraj-521 drones to Russia

Iran may transfer a new type of Meraj-521 drones to Russia - Air Force speaker Yuri Ignat says that there is such a risk. These drones were presented in Iran on October 19. “The only question is how many of these drones Iran has, which ones they are ready to give to Moscow, or the same ballistic missiles,” said the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is stated…

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