Captured Syrian fought in Artsakh against Armenians

The captured Syrian stated that they were promised $2000 monthly salary, as well as an additional $100 for each head of an Armenian soldier.

We came here to cut the heads of kafirs (infidels) — Syrian captured in Artsakh. Syrian terrorist captured in Artsakh. Full translation.

I am from Jiser al-Shugur, from the village of Ziyadiya, born in 1988. I am married and have five children, ” says the prisoner. – We were promised $ 2000 a month, payment after the work is done. We came here to fight the infidels. There were no additional promises, only 2 thousand at the end of the month. Depending on the work performed, they could give bonuses. For example, for the head of each infidel – $ 100 .

– So there were specific instructions to kill and cut off heads? the voice-over asks.

– Yes.