FRwl From Russia with Love threatens attack with new weapon

We removed the decryption function especially for hohloreiha, now the process is irreversible, and the encryption algorithm is just insane!
We gave a chance to change their minds and stop the bloodshed by leaving messages on encrypted hosts, here’s an example.
But in response, silence or dirt …

We are not animals, and this is what prompted us to come to this decision:

1. The absolute indifference of the Ukrainian authorities to civilians, here is the clearest example – !
2. Maydanuts have completely lost their fear and are trying to carry out their worthless shit attacks in our field!
3. Zelensky devil (this is an important reason)!
4. For not x @ d!

And yes, cyberpol, we warn the SBU in advance. The test of our new cyberweapon will take place very soon, show at least some resistance ☠️

By Treadstone 71

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