ALPHV Statement on MGM Resorts International: Setting the record straight

9/14/2023, 7:46:49 PM We have made multiple attempts to reach out to MGM Resorts International, "MGM". As reported, MGM shutdown computers inside their network as a response to us. We intend to set the record straight. No ransomware was deployed prior to the initial take down of their infrastructure by their internal teams. MGM made the hasty decision to shut down each and every one of their Okta Sync servers after learning that we had…

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Blackcat aka ALPHV naps on Tempur Sealy International

ALPHV, also known as BlackCat, is setting new trends in ransomware by developing an API for its DLS, which will have to maximize damage and thus put even more pressure on victims. API and Collection info below Several researchers noticed this week that the ALPHV/BlackCat data breach site had been updated with a new page with instructions on how to use their API.Researchers at VX-Underground noted that the new feature has been partially available for…

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