Strong statement from

عصبة الثائرین group released.

Today we were planning a major operation in al-Assad. The purpose of the operation was to target a meeting of commanders from senior members of the US Department of Defense. But as Iraqi forces were present at the base, we withdrew from the operation.

osbatesaerin OPERATION SUNRISE طلوع نور

The group is the newly formed anonymous organization that was attacking the US positions at the al-Taji base.

The Avengers Group

Iraqi resistance groups were prepared to fight American conspiracy far beyond the imagination of the United States.They also stated in the statement yesterday morning that the group was planning to launch a missile attack on the meeting of US top commanders in al-Assad, which was not carried out due to the presence of Iraqi troops. In the end, the Iraqi military was asked to leave the bases of the US presence in order to maintain their health.

The bases US troops are deploying:
Camp Al-Taji in northern Baghdad, Basmayeh in southern Baghdad, Presidential Palace base in Mosul, al-Qaim in al-Anbar, al-Qayyara in Ninawa province.
These bases are being deployed due to easy targeting with Katyusha missiles and mortars.Transport of artillery and armored equipment from Kuwait to Iraq.
There are also reports of a transfer of a B-52 to Ain al-Sadr.


  • USA USF B-52h Strategic Bomber with US KC-10A Refueling Tanker Moving Towards Persian Gulf!
  • A C17-A globemaster, the largest US military cargo aircraft ever seen in the sky

Simultaneous patrol super USF Special Forces Reconnaissance / Special Operations Aircraft USAF over areas near Tuz Khoma and Balad Base in Iraq.New US troops arrive in Iraq’s Ein al-Assad baseIraq’s al-Maulama news site today (Sunday) quoted security sources as saying al-Assad’s base had seen several US aircraft landing under US security clearance mission to transport US troops and military advisers.The US aircraft, in addition to the troops, also brought combat equipment to the base in al-Assad, it added.The news outlet also described the movement of US military fighters over the base of Asad al-Assad, calling the movements in al-Assad abnormal.

The widespread presence of American helicopters in Iraq.  A report by US and Iraqi news sources on Monday evening quoted US and Iraqi news sources as saying the possibility of a massive US-led operation called “Sunrise Noor – or Sunrise” against Shiite militias in Iraq.Al-Haddad said in a report that a US military spokesman in Iraq said it was better for people to stay away from militia bases and centers.On the other hand, al-Qubis editor-in-chief Abdullah Ghazi wrote in his Twitter account: “The United States will launch a large-scale operation against the Iranian Resistance Corps in Iraq within the next eight hours.”The news channel also noted that since the US-Iraq war after the invasion of Kuwait, the volume of Apache helicopters and US drones over Baghdad and Iraq has so far been unprecedented.

America deploys the Patriot system in Erbil and Ain al-AssadIraq and Kurdistan Region Service – According to US and Iraqi military officials, the United States has deployed the Patriot missile system at the military base in Erbil, the center of the Kurdistan Region and Ain al-Assad, in Anbar province.Following Iran’s missile attacks on al-Assad’s base in Iraq’s Anbar province, the US and Iraq have begun negotiations on the deployment of the US Patriot missile system in Iraq.According to the news, a US military official and a military source in Iraq told French Press: The Patriot missile system was transferred to the Ein al-Assad military base in Anbar province last week and deployed there.According to the US military official, another Patriot missile system has been moved to Erbil, the Kurdish region’s capital, and two more are in Kuwait, and they are scheduled to move to Iraq.The Patriot missile system has the capability to withstand tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and aircraft in all weather conditions and at any altitude.Iraqi officials initially opposed the deployment of the Patriot missile system on its territory, but a number of Iraqi officials met with Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of Centcom (US Central Command), according to a US military official. They suggested that the US reduce the number of its troops in Iraq, especially when it plans to deploy the Patriot missile system there. In the last few days, the US government has taken action and handed over a number of military bases to the Iraqi army.A Western diplomat in Baghdad, speaking to France Press, said the move was aimed at preserving the lives of its troops, which now have fewer garrisons.


Denial of Deployment of US Anti-Aircraft Systems (Patriot Missiles) in Iraq

Al-Miyaddin Network quoted US intelligence sources as saying that the deployment of US patriot systems in Iraqi bases and in the Iraqi Kurdistan region is inaccurate.

Iraqi authorities have not yet responded positively to Washington’s request to deploy these anti-aircraft systems, according to al-Miyaddin sources, and the United States continues to work the issue.

Amid rising suspicious activity  in Iraq, AFP quoted US and Iraqi sources as saying yesterday that Patriot systems were deployed at some US bases in Iraq.

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