Data Leaks Onions

Ransomware Group Sites  Group Name Onion V. Link Arvin Club v3 Open Babuk v3 Open Black Basta v3 Open AlphaVM/BlackCat v3 Open BlackByte v3 Open Bl4ckt0r v3 Open CL0P v3 Open CONTI v3 Open CRYP70N1C0D3 v3 Open Cuba v3 Open Everest v3 Open Grief v3 Open Hive v3 Open HolyGhost v3 Open Karakurt v3 Open | DEEP-WEB KelvinSecurity DEEP-WEB LockBit 2.0 v3 Open LockData Auction v3 Open Lorenz v3 Open LV BLOG v3 Open | Open Medusa v3 Open…

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Ragnar_Locker WALL OF SHAME. Are they next?

Payment Rules: - We will give Bitcoin wallet to a client directly in chat. (please request BTC wallet once you ready for payment) - Client should send at first 1 bitcoin on our wallet, just for verification purposes. After we will confirm this transaction, client can send the whole amount. - After the 1st confirm on blockchain would be received, we will initiate process of providing you with all that was claimed - Warning!   Do…

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