Payment Rules:

– We will give Bitcoin wallet to a client directly in chat. (please request BTC wallet once you ready for payment)

– Client should send at first 1 bitcoin on our wallet, just for verification purposes. After we will confirm this transaction, client can send the whole amount.

– After the 1st confirm on blockchain would be received, we will initiate process of providing you with all that was claimed

Warning!   Do not send anything without approval. All transfers and operations that made without our confirmation, or somehow breaking our Payment Rules, would be considered as lost or charity. That mean it wouldn’t count as a payment according the exact agreement.

Do Not hire Negotiators

If you want to keep all in privacy and avoid any Data Leak, do not invite police or FBI or recovery-group negotiators. If we will find out that we are communicating with one of them, all negotiations will be closed immediately and data would be published.


*We can decrypt 2 random files (up to 5MB) for Free, just as a proof.

 – Before install it on any server or host, you should turn off Anti-virus software and windows defender, also better switch off internet connection.

 – Than you have to RUN program “As Administrator”, after decryption will be finished you will get the message,so wait for it.

 – You have to copy and paste Decryption tool on each Locked server or host and execute it there.

After the deal would be successfully closed and payment is received, Ragnar_Locker Team Guarantee:

– Delete all the downloaded information from our servers.

– Delete all temporary posts\sites\pages and etc. related to this case

– Delete all backdoors, if ones still exists

– Never attack again using existed vulnerabilities or if new one appears, but to notify if we find any new vulnerability in future

– Not to attack with DDOS or any other type of attacks

– Not to share the details of conversation and\or personal data, with any third-parties

– Provide a list of recommendations to improve security measures

– Provide Decryption software along with manual and support if needed

Here will be permanent list of companies who would like to keep in secret the info leakage, exposing themselves and their customers, partners to even greater risk than a bug-hunting reward!

Hundred thousands of personal data, leak preview

Published: 12/28/2022 15:07:05

Wrapex Industrial – Leaked

Published: 12/20/2022 18:59:47

Serena Hotels – Leaked

Published: 12/20/2022 16:08:10


Published: 12/13/2022 17:23:12

Essent company – Leaked

Published: 11/24/2022 21:20:25

Leak Announcement – IT company ITonCLOUD

Published: 11/20/2022 14:06:19

Belgium company Zwijndrecht – Leaked

Published: 11/16/2022 14:33:09


Published: 10/18/2022 22:07:33

Dollmar SpA – Leaked

Published: 10/18/2022 21:43:04

Fashion company ZIGI NY – Leaked

Published: 10/13/2022 16:11:50

DMCI Holding Leaked

Published: 10/10/2022 17:26:40


Published: 10/10/2022 16:40:34

Avalon luxury transport company – Leaked

Published: 10/05/2022 13:52:13

Malayan Flour Mills Bhd. Data Leak

Published: 10/03/2022 19:18:07

AudioQuest Data Leaked

Published: 10/03/2022 18:53:27

TAP Air Leak of more than 1.5 million of customers and many other.

Published: 09/19/2022 18:02:39

TAP AIR PORTUGAL – 115k personal data leak

Published: 09/12/2022 13:38:51

DDoS instead of the Discuss – Nice try TAP Air

Published: 09/06/2022 18:36:03

TAP Air – First Facts

Published: 09/02/2022 19:18:03

Huge drama for Tap Air Portugal

Published: 08/31/2022 14:25:59

DESFA – Pipeline company LEAK

Published: 08/23/2022 11:22:04

Greece pipeline company breached – DESFA

Published: 08/19/2022 16:06:16

File-tree of Tang Capital

Published: 08/18/2022 10:26:18

Puma Biotechnology – decided to allow Leaks

Published: 07/29/2022 18:42:44

GENSCO Inc. – allows Leak

Published: 07/19/2022 17:42:35

Epec.PL – Lied about the absence of Leak

Published: 07/13/2022 09:02:41

New Leak: Prudential LTG.

Published: 06/24/2022 14:27:43

New Leak: Northern Data Systems

Published: 06/23/2022 20:58:50

Jonathan Adler Leaks


Published: 06/01/2022 11:56:56

Sierra Packaging Leaked

Published: 06/03/2022 22:50:17

Germany Corporation “VMT-GmbH” Leaked


Published: 05/23/2022 18:23:10

Simonson-Lumber decided to be Leaked

Published: 05/11/2022 18:32:17

International Centre Leaked

Published: 04/06/2022 19:35:54

Smith Transport Full Leak

Published: 03/14/2022 16:15:38

GHI Hornos Industriales Fully Leaked

Published: 03/04/2022 21:40:50

GHI Hornos Industriales first batch of Data (0,1%)

Published: 02/28/2022 16:41:59

Airspan Networks got Leaked

Published: 01/14/2022 16:19:02

IT-companies Subex & Sectrio Leaked

Published: 01/08/2022 18:40:23

Company Group LDLC

Published: 12/09/2021 17:33:21

Leak of IT company Saksoft

Published: 12/09/2021 20:49:59

Full Data Leak Linical

Published: 12/09/2021 10:29:35

Update: Linicals Data

Published: 12/04/2021 03:52:17

Groupe LDLC is going to be Leaked

Published: 12/02/2021 14:08:10

Team Computers Ltd. – Leak

Published: 11/23/2021 16:39:14

LINICAL doesn’t care about digital hygiene

Published: 10/30/2021 07:11:04

Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc. – Leaked

Published: 10/06/2021 16:43:51

FULL DATA LEAK of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. //

Published: 09/14/2021 13:09:37

Primary Residential Mortgage inc. – Leaked

Published: 09/13/2021 13:01:38

Who is the real Bad Guys here? Or what recovery experts prefer to keep silent.

Published: 09/09/2021 19:42:58

Announcement: FTP

Published: 09/06/2021 20:09:01

Software company Xoriant

Updated 10/07/2021

Published: 06/24/2021 16:02:23

New Leak GatewayPM

Published: 07/01/2021 17:29:06

GATEWAY Property Management

Published: 06/06/2021 19:40:36


Downloaded: 1.5TB+

Published: 06/05/2021 22:17:51

NEW Links for ADATA

Published: 06/23/2021 11:51:41

Webhelp’s company – XtraSource

Updated 6/04/2021

Published: 05/25/2021 18:51:30

Ludwig Pfeiffer Leaked

Published: 05/26/2021 15:00:54

Kaye/Bassman International – New “Wall of Shamer”

Published: 02/08/2021 17:44:42

Cornerstone-BB Group Leaked

Total downloaded: 2TB

Published: 01/26/2021 11:22:21

Grupo SADA Leak

Published: 12/18/2020 20:53:04


Published: 12/14/2020 15:17:48

New Data Leak post from Chemical company

Published: 12/24/2020 14:09:21

Shasun Chemicals & Drugs Ltd. LEAK

Published: 12/05/2020 11:52:23

Attention, Dassault Falcon Jet updated

Published: 12/23/2020 22:11:52


Published: 12/06/2020 13:16:36

Advertising Material: Forest Construction Leaked

Advertising Material

Published: 12/13/2020 21:40:50

LEAK Post Campari Group

Last Update: 12.12.2020

Published: 10/30/2020 18:13:50

New Files For Leak Campari Post

Published: 12/12/2020 22:27:47

Updates with files in EastCoastSeafood Inc.

Published: 12/10/2020 21:36:20

New “WallofShamer” – East Coast Seafood Inc.

Published: 11/30/2020 15:51:57

Official appeal to DASSAULT FALCON JET

Published: 12/10/2020 15:25:59

Ragnar_Team Announce of Potential “WallofShamer”

Published: 12/10/2020 14:02:48


Updated 12.09.2020

Published: 11/01/2020 08:24:44


Published: 11/10/2020 22:06:10

Security breach of CAPCOM network

Published: 11/08/2020 16:01:22

Security breach of Campari Group network

Published: 11/08/2020 16:27:39


Updated 11/04/2020

Published: 10/20/2020 14:12:15

Insignia Environmental company.

updated 10/31/2020 12.00

Published: 10/08/2020 15:19:52

Astro Industries, Inc.

Published: 09/27/2020 20:43:43

Bailey&Galyen Attorney at Law

Revenue: 22mil$ Attorney at Law

Published: 07/13/2020 16:35:51

New leaks from SOLTEK PACIFIC

Revenue: $127M Construction company

Published: 06/22/2020 18:12:29

GST Autoleather Company !

Published: 06/22/2020 18:42:13

ST Engineering

Published: 06/22/2020 18:34:24

Leaks from company EDP Group

Published: 06/22/2020 18:19:36

Leaks from company Omniga GmbH & Co.

Published: 06/22/2020 17:51:51

Leaks Company Birch Communications inc.

Published: 06/19/2020 14:03:13

Leakage from company Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC

Published: 06/11/2020 15:57:35

Brunner Announce – Hello World !

Published: 06/11/2020 14:32:13

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