Iranian Regime Moving Gold, Assets out of the country

In their words: The fact that the rial is free falling can only mean one thing.The fact that a large amount of gold and dollars have left the country in the past few days.That is, the gentlemen were sure that they cannot stay and they are buying time as much as they can to get the country's capital out of Iran. They don't give up on the country after leaving.They will leave Iran themselves, but…

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Students in Isfahan and Nine Nobel Prize Winners

You killed the students, you tell us to shut up Protest gathering of Isfahan University students in protest against the murder of #Mehsa_Amini and brutal suppression of people and students. Wednesday, October 6, 1401 #Death to Khamenei#Mehsa_Amini Joint letter of 9 Nobel Prize winners in support of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people We the Nobel Prize winners, strongly condemn the Uranian Regime for suppressing the demonstrators in Iran and demand an audit from…

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