In their words:

The fact that the rial is free falling can only mean one thing.
The fact that a large amount of gold and dollars have left the country in the past few days.
That is, the gentlemen were sure that they cannot stay and they are buying time as much as they can to get the country’s capital out of Iran.

They don’t give up on the country after leaving.
They will leave Iran themselves, but from abroad and in (relative and temporary) security, they will issue orders for massive killings and a rigid military regime that will harvest the people like a lawnmower.

Be careful, I will reveal two of their very dirty plans to you so that when the time comes, you will not be deceived.

1️⃣ They apply the scorched earth strategy, which means they destroy everything that is part of the vital structures of the country, and they blame the revolutionaries to justify their acts of violence.

  • Vandalism in power plants, poisoning of the drinking water network, disconnection of the international internet optical fiber (I mean physical destruction and irreparable damage, not filtering)
  • Destroying silos for storing wheat and vital supplies.
  • Destruction of the national transportation network (demolition of bridges, tunnels, railways, ports, oil tankers)
  • Destruction of power plants, explosion of water dams, distribution of nuclear waste in densely populated cities. Gas transmission lines (especially in winter, which everyone needs)

Remember, this government supported Bashar al-Assad, who bombed his opponents on a large scale and razed entire cities to the ground, and he didn’t even think about it.

Therefore, they have no qualms about doing much worse than that,
We are on the side of a terrorist organization, not a popular organization.

They do all these actions as far as they can in the name of different groups. That is, they should choose a particular nation, party, and religion for the second stage of the plan.

2️⃣ Following the mentioned measures, the second stage is the psychological operation.
It is possible to assassinate well-known people and leaders of political and ethnic parties and organizations and blame them on another party/sect/nation.
It is possible to put Fars in front of:

  • Kurds
  • Turk vs Kurd
  • Baloch against Fars
  • Talash against Gilak
  • Sunni against Shia
  • Republican vs. Monarchist
  • And….

Be very careful because at this stage they will perform the dirtiest psychological operations and media games. It is very likely that from now on they will place their own pieces in the appearance of supporters and important people in all groups.

Now I will tell you the solutions (that come to my imperfect mind).

1️⃣ It is necessary that as soon as possible patriotic people from within the army, To take care of the vital infrastructure of the country, they should place posts near them as defense. Also, with the publication of this text and the public awareness of the people, this plan will actually be revealed, but they still intend to implement it.

2️⃣ The only ways are these,
One: Knowing about this sinister plan and not being deceived
Two: Strengthening the spirit of unity and unity of brotherhood and understanding that we are a unified and united nation consisting of different ethnicities, religions and schools.
And our differences are not the cause of our separation, but complement each other (Ahwazi Arabs are brothers, Persians of Shiraz, Baluchs are brothers of Gilak) The Kurds are his brother, the Turks who have shown their brotherhood to all of us in Iran)

3️⃣ Anyone within your party, faction, nation, tribe, and religion,
beat the drum of enmity and separation from others, it is not your sorrow, Especially if he talks about violent or retaliatory actions against other groups, then he is 100% responsible for the Islamic Republic. Even if terror and sabotage were done in the name of other groups. Be sure that the work of the agents of the regime and with a firm agreement with the same group will happen  in their plan

For the last time, I say maintaining the spirit of brotherhood and unity with other compatriots.

Our strength lies in overthrowing this system and returning to the unforgettable glory of our beloved Iran.

If you are a true patriot, this text can be posted in any way you can on any platform you have access to, and on any scale you can publish.

If you translate it (Turkish, Kurdish, English and any language you know), send to other compatriots that you have helped a lot.

(((This is the most effective way to defeat the sinister plans of the regime)))

Thank you very much for your support

By Treadstone 71

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