UPDATE: 33 million real and legal customers of Bank Mellat – Iran

Mellat Holding Group not only did not value the security of its customers’ data, it seems that it did not even consider its customers worthy of an impossible information …

Continuing to punish the nations and as we have said before: We have the track information of about 24 million cards that were traded on the POS paid by the nations.

Once again, to show the incompetence of the nation’s leaders to everyone, we give them 10 days to pay for their insecurity, otherwise the data will be published …

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New leak: Database containing information of 33 million real and legal customers of Bank Mellat, including national code, account number, name, surname, father’s name, ID number, date of birth, city, province, city of birth, province of birth, address,  Card number and mobile phone number are seen in the list of database sellers


Introduction: I Sell Full DB of Mellat Bank Iran (bankmellat.ir) for 0.333 BTC

My Database: This DB has been hijacked during a 8-month period when we hacked into one of Mellat Bank’s subsidary companies, it’s fresh and never leaked before.
It contain full customer info (Customer ID, Name, Surname, National ID, ID Number, Birth Date, Account Number, Birth City, Birth Province, Residence City, Residene Province, Full Address, Postal Code, Mobile Number) along side Card Numbers of each customer
It has ~30 million records, which means full info of 30 million Iranian citizens.

اطلاعات مشتریان بانک ملت فروش می رود – این اطلاعات حداقل شامل موارد زیر است:

شماره مشتری – نام و نام خانوادگی – کد ملی – ش ش – ت ت – شماره حساب – شهر و استان تولد – شهر و استان ساکن – آدرس – شماره موبایل

If you are from Bank Mellat and your customers’ information is valuable to you, by paying 0.666 bitcoins, the sale of information will stop.

Built for sequential unzip


‌Data was added to the leak search system to inquire about victims.  56% have been in leaks in the past.

In other news …A total of 1701 information (after removing duplicate and incorrect items) from the participants of “Sharif Artificial Intelligence Battle Event” including name, email address, mobile number, university of study, field of study, resume file, LinkedIn address and  GitHub’s address was revealed in the incident.

به پرداخت ملت شرکت کثیفی زیرمجموعه بانک ملت هست که با پول قمار و کثافت کاری، به قیمت بدبختی مردم مملکت امام زمان (عج) باد کرده… به زودی اطلاعات حساسش رو مفت میذاریم توی کانال شاید توشه ای باشه برای آخرتمون

Do you know that the trading of banks like Mellat in the foreign exchange and housing markets has caused people to sit on black soil?

Why don’t the fat managers of Bank Mellat, who are bursting with the blood of the people, go to the border areas of Sistan and Baluchestan and spend part of their dirty profits on the misery of the people there?

We are not afraid of selling the data of these creatures …