Stormous Building on the Horizon

Dropping the largest American and French sites by STORMOUS pirates:
Hello :
Top sites were dropped by STORMOUS hackers and this was one of the biggest attacks this week.
STORMOUS says that it has not finished an attack yet, and has not only been satisfied with penetration by means of ransom or typical attacks.
These are attacks that came once and were always dropped.
The STORM gang is currently interested in hacking the data of major international companies from Arab teams because of its superiority in penetrating major companies these weeks.
But it will not be limited only to America, China, France and Israel, but it will face Arab countries in launching ransom attacks soon due to international problems and the approaching elections in a number of countries.
Do not forget to visit us on our website in the dark web to see all the data.
Some of the sites that have been taken down:


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