Drone jamming stations are being deployed in Moscow

Jamming stations are being deployed throughout Moscow to combat drones. станции глушения For some time now, frame structures have been erected all over Moscow - on the roofs of houses and stand-alone towers. All-frequency jamming stations will be installed on these structures. They can be used both to disorient drones and to jam all types of communications and the Internet in case of emergency. The towers are supposed to envelop the whole of Moscow, creating…

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Free RU UAV training for volunteers and military personnel.

Developers, roboticists, engineers, assemblers, programmers, UAV instructors - Project Archangel Brief information for Russian volunteers who are going to be trained in the schools of the Archangel Project. (Also, children in their HQ without training to receive additional payments upon entering the contract service) If you are going to study, you MUST take the course: Basic technical course for training UAV operatorsDownload ➖ We train fighters on the topic of UAVs (mavics - drop, reconnaissance,…

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China supplies RF regime with drone jamming gear

They sent to the bot that such things were seen at the SBU. I myself am not a linguist, I only know how to interrogate a prisoner and find out where the positions of a mobile shop are located. So first I will give the text of the description of the device in the original, and then the edited translation. 3 / 4 Bands Portable Manpack RF Signal Jammer TG-MANPACK Is a Portable Manpack Rf…

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