RU buying cheap handheld UAV detectors from Chinese sites

BORISTONE - Pre-order for the Bulat UAV detector is open. Prices: for special tasks: 90.000 rubles. for other tasks: 180.000 rubles. Delivery time - 2 months, should come to us at the end of May. The sooner the payment is made, the sooner we can send you the detector (but not before the end of May). UAV detection range: up to 1km.Detects DJI, Autel, FPV.Notifies with a sound and writes the drone model. Equipment:⁃ Device…

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Attacks by Ukrainian Bayraktars in the Kherson region.

Over the course of three days, from August 31 to September 2, a pair of Bayraktar TV-2 unmanned aerial vehicles destroyed enemy equipment with a total cost of about $26.5 million. These are 8 T-72 tanks (estimated cost of each one is $3 million), one ACACIA self-propelled gun each ( $1.6 million), BMP ($0.6 million) and howitzers ($0.3 million). Five T-72 tanks and one BMP were damaged for $1.85 million. The total cost of destroyed…

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