RU Gunpowder Mfg Kazan VV N570

Our gunpowder manufacturers from Kazan are very encouraging. It looks like the guys managed to reach the VV N570. This will allow us to use not only a 360 grain bullet on our 375CT cartridges, but also a 400 grain bullet with a much higher ballistic coefficient. It also opens the way for heavy AP bullets. And finally, the appearance of domestic gunpowder with a given burning rate makes it possible for us to mass-produce…

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Begging for volunteers- Russia Recruiting in multiple locations

Assault reconnaissance unit (North, Donetsk) requires: Scouts; Grenade throwers;-Arrows;-Sniper; Calculations of LNG, AGS, NSVS, DShK; Operators of MANPADS, ATGMs; Crews on infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles; Contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (minimum contract period 6 months).UBD RF status at the end of the contract.Life and health insurance.Equipment provided by the employer.Salary $ 1800-2000 + bonuses + combat. Requirements for applicants:Good health and stable mentality.Age from 21 to 55…

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Lobaev Arms – Flashing Drone Firmware Continues

MAVIC and other DJI drone - reflashing firmware. The firmware allows you to hide the location of the drone and the place of its takeoff.Cities and contacts as of 14.03.2023:Vladimir - @it_rokotYekaterinburg- @sm_sinnerNaberezhnye Chelny - @rpex1Penza - @solidAVNew Moscow - @PuzrikSolnechnogorsk - @Maverick_Z1Zelenograd - @al_zhuravNovocherkassk - @MMA_67Obninsk - @rokot40 Lobaev Arms https://cybershafarat.com/2022/10/21/dual-use-drones-ru-worries-over-terrorist-attack-drone-deliveries/ We have the opportunity to flash DJI drones for the needs of the NMD and to maintain the combat capability of the Kaliningrad…

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How the #Elite in #Russia #Avoid #Mobilization to the Meat Grinder

While propagandist Solovyov calls to go and die for the Führer, his sons of conscription age do not rush to the front There is information on the network that propagandist Solovyov has 8 children from 3 wives, and among them are two sons of military age - Oleksandr (34) and Danylo (21-22). If Solovyov so fervently calls for sending other people's children to the front, then he should set an example... Isn't that right? Not…

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RU Losses Skyrocket

Total losses of the Russians during the full-scale invasion - personnel ‒ about 105,250 (+690) people were liquidated,- tanks ‒ 3026 (+8) units,- armored combat vehicles ‒ 6059 (+12) units,- artillery systems – 2010 (+6) units,- RSZV – 423 units,- air defense equipment ‒ 212 units,- aircraft – 283 units,- helicopters – 268 units,- UAVs of the operational-tactical level - 1740 (+23) units,- cruise missiles ‒ 711 (+58) units,- ships/boats ‒ 16 units,- automotive equipment…

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Lobaev Drone Chatter

Dear military personnel! As well as employees of the Russian Guard, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and volunteers!Again, I remind you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to turn off the transponder programmatically for the Mavic 3 mini pro drone. No way. No matter how hard we and our colleagues try. We are writing this because the admin was inundated with questions on this model. The answer is - don't buy it. Or use it…

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