laser cannon

Electromagnetic gun “Pischal”

One of the lightest samples on the market - its weight is about 3.5 kg. UAV control and navigation channels suppression range - 2 km. At the IDEX-2021 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, the Russian special exporter will present new approaches to building an anti-unmanned aerial vehicle system. The system combines electronic warfare and air defense systems of various types. The Rosoboronexport press service told about the presentation to Profile. The system includes the "Repellent-Patrol" electronic…

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Iran’s access to laser cannons

Sensitive Areasiran are protected by laser systems (#indicator) Deputy Minister of Defense Amir Shahrokh Shahram: "It is common in the world that UAVs make their composite layers to be both radar-friendly, lightweight, and to help keep them in the air. This composite body is vulnerable to high-power lasers, and we can destroy them with our own lasers. These laser systems are used in critical areas of the country Today, the world of laser technology is…

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