 Konstantin Zizevsky, regiment commander since 2020, colonel. On March 5, the mayor of Nevinnomyssk, Mikhail Minenkov, announced his death.
 Alexander Lysenko, reconnaissance commander. On March 1, the governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, announced his death in Ukraine.
 Nurmagomed Gadzhimagomedov, tank company commander, senior lieutenant. On February 26, the head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, announced his death. Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded him the title Hero of Russia posthumously.
 Evgeny Ivanov, air assault platoon commander, captain. On March 11, the governor of the Ryazan region, Nikolai Lyubimov, announced his death.
 Sergey Tysyachny, senior warrant officer. On March 13, his colleague announced his death on social networks.
 Dmitry Pavshenko, corporal, senior sapper shooter. On March 4, the head of the Soviet urban district of Stavropol, Sergei Voronkov, announced his death.
 Vladislav Sadykov, senior lieutenant. His funeral, which took place on March 10 in Bryansk, was written in the local media “Bryansk province”.
 Andrei Solovyov, senior warrant officer. His death was reported on March 6 on the page of the Russian Airborne Forces on VKontakte.
 Anatoly Vorobyov, senior intelligence officer. The message about his death appeared on social networks on March 8.

The 247th regiment is unofficially called the “forge of divisional commanders (division commanders)”: those who served in the regiment often later became commanders of airborne formations. In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the regiment the honorary title of “Guards”.

184 servicemen of this regiment refused to participate in the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk wrote on April 2.

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