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Why 11 OMON fighters of the Russian Guard in Khakassia refused to participate in the “special operation” in Ukraine

Several sources independent of each other confirmed to the Internet magazine of Khakassia “New Focus” the accuracy of the information about the refusal of 11 OMON fighters of the Russian Guard in Khakassia to participate in the “special operation” in Ukraine. True, the presentation of the background and the chronology of events by our interlocutors is very different from the version of the development of events that slipped through various sources.

Police special forces from Khakassia not only refused to participate in … “special operation”, but expressed everything they think in the face of a certain high-ranking general of the National Guard. The mood among the fighters was so, to put it mildly, alarmed and frightened by the likely consequences of the big commanders, especially after the demarche of 12 fighters of the Krasnodar OMON, that the zealous Khakass special forces were taken out of harm’s way from the border camp and returned back to Khakassia.

Now they are trying to fire all 11 police officers for negative reasons, but the special forces are ready to defend their rights, honor and dignity. But they still do not know how and to whom to turn for help. The fighters are sure that trying to quickly dismiss them from the bodies, the leadership of the Russian National Guard is trite

seeks to save his own skins and, by throwing fighters into the street, seeks to level the spread of information

about the tragedy of police special forces units from Siberia on February 24 and the mass death of security officials just a few hours after the start of … “special operation”. The special forces are sure that the tragedy happened solely because of the criminal negligence and stupidity of the generals of the National Guard, and now the high commanders are only busy with the fact that information about their terrible crime did not reach the top officials of the country and the whole world.

The confidence of the police officers about concealing information and gagging the spetsnaz by high-ranking officials from the capital so that the incident would not be known at the very top of the Russian government is very consonant with the information that passed the day before about the resignation of the deputy head of the National Guard of Russia, Roman Gavrilov. He just oversaw the special units of the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of Russia.


As our interlocutors say, at the beginning of the year, the fighters were announced the start of exercises in the West of Russia. And later, in Belarus. The commandos, according to them, did not notice the trick at first, but they were a little embarrassed that they were ordered to take with them the ammunition necessary to suppress the riots: shields, batons, protective shields, and so on. Upon arrival at the place, in the field camp, the commandos discovered that there were not the slightest conditions for living. They had to spend the night under something like a canopy, and under it they built a kind of bunks, standing right in the mud. But the most cynical thing is that the fighters were not given dry rations, they simply had nothing to eat. They survived as best they could. The commander, according to the security forces, was simply drinking and attempts to force the chief to provide the personnel with provisions and living conditions did not lead to anything.

The fighters say that on the spot they already began to guess that they would most likely go to Ukraine. There were also rumors and much pointed to the upcoming military … “special operation.” But they cannot be blamed on the principle that they could not help but know, period. Those who know Russian reality will understand what the author is talking about. Today in the country the whole atmosphere is such that everyone seems to guess something, but is not completely sure. Some try to get to the bottom of the matter, while the psyche of others finds a way to evade reality and find an excuse. There is nothing to blame for the Khakass riot police, and now I am not trying to find a plausible excuse for them, but I am showing the situation as it is.

The police simply could not form a picture of what was happening. On the one hand, internal anxiety and conjecture, on the other, propaganda. And on the third – commanders with official chants about the oath and duty to the Motherland. Trying to catch the atmosphere and not finding answers to their questions, the fighters purely psychologically still relied on the commanders. They believed that they would not betray, they would not leave …

“The death of the column”

Finally, doubts disappeared after February 24th. The police say that in the early morning a huge convoy of police special forces SOBR (unlike OMON, they provide force support in detaining criminals, while OMON is engaged in maintaining public order), mainly from the Siberian regions, crossed the border and moved in the direction of Kyiv. The column followed without air cover, without heavy equipment, and walked like a parade stretching for many kilometers. SOBR FSVNG of Russia in Khakassia followed colleagues from the combined detachment of the Kemerovo region, but in the process of moving, the Kuzbass equipment began to break down, they stopped every now and then. The Khakass special forces overtook them and walked ahead when the convoy began to methodically destroy Ukrainian troops from heavy weapons and from the air. The column was beaten so hard that the fighters were forced to seek shelter and save their lives. However, even if they wanted to, they would not be able to organize a little bit of defense and defend themselves. It is not known how it was in other detachments, but SOBR officers from Khakassia were given only 4 horns of cartridges.

Фото Макса Левина. Место гибели колонны спецназа под Киевом — Интернет-журнал Хакасии «Новый Фокус»

As a result, the convoy was shot as if in a shooting range, it was destroyed just 5 hours after crossing the border. Only in the Khakass SOBR there were 7 wounded, one was missing (surname in the editorial office) and dead. It is not known exactly how many bodies of police officers from the republic remained lying at the site of the destruction of the column. There was no time to count the bodies. Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo SOBR suffered very heavy losses. Some were taken prisoner.

Фото Макса Левина. Место гибели колонны спецназа под Киевом — Интернет-журнал Хакасии «Новый Фокус

After the destruction of the column, the surviving fighters and those remaining in the field camp instantly lost all illusions and timid hopes that they would be met more or less peacefully, and their participation would be limited to police functions. If, before the execution, the fighters did not fully understand the essence and meaning of the actions of what was happening, then after the death of their colleagues they realized that the real … “special operation”.

Photo by Max Levin. The place of the death of a special forces column near Kiev – Internet magazine of Khakassia “New Focus”

After the shock that gripped everyone, the commandos tried to understand:

how could it happen that a huge column of policemen could become just a target on the road?

Who could send a multi-kilometer “ribbon” without cover, heavy weapons along a public road, marching like a parade? As it turned out, no reconnaissance was carried out at all, the commanders of the Russian Guard were not engaged in any way with the upcoming exit and analysis of the situation. And when the tragedy happened, the high bosses simply tried to shut up the mouths of the police special forces.

“Silence – Quietly!”

The commanders strictly ordered the soldiers who survived during the execution of the column and those who were in hospitals to be silent, not even to tell their parents and relatives about the injuries received. At the same time, the chiefs referred to the need for some kind of secrecy during the period of the … “special operation”.

At first, the police followed the instructions, but more and more they began to think: why would it be impossible even to tell relatives about the nature of the injuries? Yes, and the family members themselves began to resent the idiotic veil of secrecy over the state of health of a wounded loved one. Indeed, a more stupid situation can not be imagined. More and more fighters came to the conclusion that

the National Guard leadership is simply trying to stop the spread of information about the death of policemen from Siberia,

to save their asses in front of the first persons of the state.

Of course, the insight of the special forces and the similar attitude of their own commanders could not but affect the morale of the police special forces units in other regions. The fighters began to refuse to participate in … the “special operation”, explaining that the order was illegal and that the police force units were “internal” to fight crime and maintain law and order within the country. The case of refusal to go to Ukraine by 12 fighters of the Krasnodar OMON is widely known. But the interlocutors of the author of these lines spoke about an unknown case of refusal to lead his detachment to slaughter, by the commander of the OMON of the city of Novocherkassk. Now he is under investigation, the security official is accused of refusing to comply with the order. Forecasts about the fate of the commander are very sad, although the soldiers of the detachment are alive thanks to their commander.

Today, they are trying to dismiss the OMON fighters of the Russian Guard in Khakassia from service for negative reasons and justify that the police are obliged to follow the order, and only then appeal against its legality. But the commandos categorically disagree with this kind of motivation.

The National Guard works within the country, not abroad.

In addition, the oath obliges to serve the Law and the People. In Russia.

Mikhail Afanasiev

The Internet – the magazine “New Focus” and the movement of Khakassia “Justice” will provide all possible assistance to the OMON fighters who refused to participate in … the “special operation”, if necessary.

Photo from the scene of the death of a convoy of police special forces near Kiev by photographer Max Levin. An excellent professional died in the Kiev region, his body was found on April 1.

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