Kakhovskaya HPP

Chronology of the terrorist attack – Proof of Planning to Destroy Kakhovskaya HPP

At two o'clock in the morning, the Russians blow up the Kakhovskaya HPP, but they don't see how much. It is not very visible, but it can shine and fly. 1. The Russians still think that they carefully blew up a small part of the HPP and are sinking our military on the islands. At 6:06 a.m., the Gauleiter of Novaya Kakhovka, Leontiev, says that blowing up the HPP is nonsense. Well, we don't know…

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Information war surrounding the Kakhovskaya HPP

In the information war on the Kakhovskaya HPP in the world media, Ukraine lost. Unfortunately, this is a fact. After all, those responsible for information operations in the government are used to putting pressure on emotions, behind which logic is lost. In Ukraine, it works - for example, they can lie without a clue and make a person a major drug addict. But in a democratic world - no. They believe the facts, not their…

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Kakhovskaya HPP has been completely destroyed. Каховской ГЭС

Russia destroyed the Kakhovka dam, causing what is likely to be the biggest man-made disaster in Europe in decades and putting thousands of civilians at risk. This is a heinous war crime. The only way to stop Russia, the biggest terrorist of the 21st century, is to expel it from Ukraine , Kuleb. The undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP by rockets may have negative consequences for the ZNPP, but the situation is controlled by Energoatom.As…

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