AssangeDAO Raises Over 42 Million USD

A DAO to support the legal defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has received donations totaling 14,241 ETH in just four days. Among the donors were Vitalik Buterin and Edward Snowden. AssangeDAO plans to use their funds to bid on a 1/1 NFT called Censored, which will be released soon by Julian Assange in collaboration with digital artist Pak.  The release also encompasses an open NFT collection. The proceeds of the NFT sale will be…

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#BOTTO – an artificial intelligence algorithm #NFT #VQGAN

Recently, the Internet exploded Botto, an artificial intelligence algorithm. He earned about $1.3 million selling NFT paintings. Who is the "creator"? Not who, but what: the VQGAN neural network! The algorithm generates 300 images per day. Botto is a decentralized artist that generates art based on community feedback. … Anybody can join and govern Botto, the decentralized autonomous artist. Revive Oeuvre | Series 2 | 2021. 7/9. To make their vote count, a user must…

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Bit Hotel Initial Room s Offering

Bit Hotel IRO (Initial Rooms Offering) will GO LIVE in 3 hours & 45 minutes at (At 20% Discounted Price)  500 BitHotel IRO Whitelist Slots Winners List BitHotel Rooms Price list (in BTH tokens) 112 Starter Rooms - BTH 2133/each26 Two Person Rooms - BTH 5333/each26 Family Rooms -  BTH 6400/each24 Starter Studios - BTH 10667/each12 Comfortable Studios -  BTH 21333/each16 extravagant Studios - BTH 35200/each16 Medium Upscale Condos - BTH 53333/each16 Large…

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