Operating System

KON-BOOT – Forgot windows password or mac password?

Bypass the password on the computer How to access a computer without knowing the password? If you forgot your Windows computer password, do not reset the system. A tool that will help you bypass the admin password without any traces, resets or deletions. You will need another PC and a flash drive. On another computer, download, unpack and run the program as an administrator. It is available on many versions of Windows. Select the inserted…

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Anti-Malware Scan Interface – #AMSI

• The abbreviation AMSI stands for Anti-Malware Scan Interface. Microsoft developed this technology as a method of protecting users from malware and first introduced it in Windows 10. AMSI intercepts scripts and commands in real time, after which it is sent to antivirus software for scanning. Here is a list of components that implement AMSI in Windows 10: User Account Control or UAC (elevation of the rights to install EXE, COM, MSI or ActiveX);• #PowerShell…

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#Russia is developing a new OS – #Phantom

Russia is developing a new operating system that will be a competitor to the Linux system called phantom. Its development began in 2010 and is currently in the experimental stages and will be released next yearThe most beautiful feature announced in the phantom system is similar to the Quick Resume feature on Xbox devices, which is that you lock the device permanently and return to complete the place you locked. Phantom is, basically, a virtual…

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