All the technology and all the technical staff does not an effective report make. Treadstone 71 Reporting and Briefs Service answers our clients and our client’s stakeholders key questions. We deliver new insights and further your understanding of the issues. Our services clearly and accurately present all forces and dynamics at play while articulating a clear line of analysis. We provide sufficient reasoning and compelling evidence that supports our judgments including source credibility and confidence levels. We also provide alternative explanations and identify important contrary evidence and intelligence gaps.

Our reporting and briefs service does not create marketing documents. We do not attempt to upsell you or sell you technology. Our interest is in your success. You may not always like what you see and read. That is how intelligence works. From warning intelligence and briefs to adversary dossiers and platforms, Treadstone 71 presents the reasons for any uncertainty while creating a storyline based upon true analysis. We examine the darknet, social networking, forums, and other sources to produce, visualize (GRINTSUM / Infographic) and analyze metrics, while compiling advanced reporting materials, methods, and capabilities. We always seek new ways to make your reporting repeatable, easier, and more efficient.

Treadstone 71 Reporting and Briefs

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