Treadstone 71 برنامج الاشتراك في مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني التابع

لقد تم تصميم برنامج الاشتراك في مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني على الإنترنت والذي مدته 12 شهراً من أجل لإرشاد المؤسسات أثناء بنائها لبرامج مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني ومخاطره من خلال محاضرات عبر الإنترنت، وعمليات شرح ونماذج تغطي مجموعة كبيرة من المواضيع. بعد سنوات من تدريس دورات تدريبية مخابراتية وتقديم البرامج الاستخباراتية للعملاء، تقدم Treadstone 71 الآن برنامج يعمل بشكل تلقائي ويعتمد على الاشتراكات، يقوم بإرشاد العملاء خلال عملية تخطيط استراتيجية، وإنشاء للأهداف والغايات، وتقييم النضج، وتطوير إجراءات التشغيل المعيارية، واختيار منصة استخبارات التهديدات، وتخطيط الجمع، وتحليل الاستخبارات، والكتابة التحليلية والتعميم الذي لا يشمل الجميع.

يتضمن البرنامج فيديوهات إرشادية مرتبطة بالمحتوى، مع إمكانية وصول مباشر ودوري إلى Treadstone 71  لمعرفة آراء العميل القابلة للتنفيذ. بعد معرفة الآراء هناك دورة قياسية تتضمن التعليقات والاقتراحات والتوصيات وأمثلة على منتجات تم الانتهاء منها من قبل. تقدم Treadstone 71  أيضاً ساعات عمل دورية ’للمعلم‘ وذلك لاستقبال الأسئلة والرد عليها.

يتبع البرنامج أساليب مثبتة تم تأسيسها عبر سنوات أثناء إنشاء البرامج الاستخباراتية. يتحرك العملاء بمعدل طبيعي يتوافق مع جداولهم الداخلية والتي تساعد Treadstone 71  على تأسيسها مع العميل. بإمكان العميل اختيار مجموعة الاشتراك كاملة، أو اختيار نماذج معينة. يتضمن الاشتراك أيضاً تدريب شهادة مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني Tradecraft ويضيف نموذج جديد يساعد العملاء على إنشاء ممارسات محاكاة نظرية.

نظرة عامة لبعض محتوى الاشتراك:

Brochure on the service

Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Subscription Program

The Cyber Intelligence 12-Month Online Subscription Program is designed to guide organizations in their cyber and threat intelligence program builds through online lectures, demonstrations, and templates covering a wide range of topics. After years of teaching intelligence courses and delivering intelligence programs to clients, Treadstone 71 now offers the subscription-based, automated program guiding clients through the strategic planning process, goals and objectives creation, maturity assessment, SOP development, threat intelligence platform selection, collection planning, intelligence analysis, analytic writing, and dissemination non-inclusively.

The program includes instructional videos tied to content with periodic direct access to Treadstone 71 for client deliverable reviews. The reviews follow a standard cycle including comments, suggestions, recommendations, and examples of previously finished products. Treadstone71 also offers regular ‘professor’ office hours for Q&A.

The program follows proven methods established over the years while creating intelligence programs. Clients move at a regular pace that corresponds with their internal schedules that Treadstone 71 helps to establish with the client. Clients may choose the entire subscription package or choose modules ala-cart. The subscription also includes the standard Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification training and adds a new module assisting clients with the creation of table-top exercises.

An overview of some of the subscription content follows:

  • Strategic Plan development, acceptance, and dissemination
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Guiding Principles
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Roadmap
  • Cyber Intelligence Capability Maturity Model Assessment
  • Standard operating procedures
  •               RACI(S)
  •               Process flow diagrams
  •               Associated metrics
  •               Peer Reviews
  • Intelligence Functions
  • Communications, Responsibilities, Methods
  • Practices and Activities
  • Organizational interfaces
  • SOC and IR
  • Other intelligence groups
  • CISO/CSO and CIO
  • C-Suite
  • Department leadership
  • External groups
  •                            Vendors
  • Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle definition
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Collection Planning
  • Production
  • Structured analytic techniques
  • Analysis
  • Analytic Writing
  • Reporting and Briefing
  • Dissemination
  • Intelligence Information Sharing
  •               Enterprise objectives
  •               Communities of Interest
  •               Your internal ISAC
  • Threat Intelligence Platforms
  •               RFP and Selection process
  •               Maturation
  •               Vendor data feeds
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  •               Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification
  •                            In-person
  •                            8-week online
  • Treadstone 71 Onsite Assessment and Assistance

Clients subscribing to the program create program content undergoing Treadstone 71 review prior to leadership delivery. The intent is to share our vast expertise in cyber intelligence to assist organizations in the timely building of their programs. Clients may choose to extend their program beyond a year or accelerate their program based upon their acceptance of agreed upon assumptions and requirements. Clients have the ability to speed up or slow down their programs throughout the subscription.


We see this model as an effective and efficient way to extend our knowledge, share our standards-based program information while setting up an industry model rooted in intelligence community tradecraft. That tradecraft follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training, intelligence community directives (ICDs), content from the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis and Mercyhurst University as well as boots on the ground experience.

What do you have at the end of the program?

As clients carefully follow the training, timelines, and execute to the deliverables internally, clients will have built a complete cyber threat intelligence program. The program definition, strategy, policies, procedures, process flow diagrams, roles, responsibilities, templates, models, methods, tactics, techniques, reports, dissemination models, briefings, table-top exercises, as well as certified Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft professionals are all core components of the what clients achieve.

Our pricing model will be a fixed price for the core modules with add-on modules priced separately. Treadstone 71 onsite work options will be clear and defined with the ability of clients to purchase onsite and online ‘office hours’ over and above hours provided in the core modules. Clients will have the choice of selecting from several options.

For more information about this new program, contact Treadstone 71 at 888.714.0071 or We will respond to all inquiries as long as they are from corporate and business accounts.

Copyright 2018 Treadstone 71 LLC

Cyber Threat Intelligence – All-Source Intelligence – Successful Program Build

Treadstone 71 has a history of solving difficult security and intelligence issues. Recently we were approached by a very large firm to address their cyber intelligence and cyber threat intelligence issues. This organization (ORG A) had spent millions on cybersecurity vendors. The task given to these vendors included building an all-source intelligence program. They failed to deliver. ORG A performed a search to find an organization able to deliver on the promises of others. All recommendations pointed to Treadstone 71. Cyber CounterIntel Tradecraft Certification

Upcoming Classes

We assessed the situation and status, set to work on the issues, solve the problems, and build a functional program. Like all our clients, we cannot divulge the name, but we do have this reference that validates our claims of complete success:


The program examined all-source intelligence and analytic doctrine from the cyber perspective following traditional tradecraft and lifecycle activities. We assisted and drove the building of intelligence strategic and program plans as well as methods to validate and communicate the plans. Laying the groundwork for an accepted and understood program leadership approved. Our methods ensured successful. The Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Program includes:

  • Strategic Plan development, acceptance, and dissemination
    • Vision-Mission-Guiding Principles-Goals-Objectives
    • 18-Month Plan
  • Program Plan development, acceptance, dissemination, and implementation
  • Standard Operating Procedures—Tradecraft focused
    • Intelligence RACIs
    • Process flows and metrics
  • Priority Intelligence Requirements development
  • Strategic, operational, tactical, and technical intelligence
  • Collection Planning and Management
  • Passive Intelligence Collection
  • Production Planning and Management
  • Organization, Production, Processing – Decomposition
  • Methods of Analysis
  • Structured Analytic Techniques
  • Analytic Writing and Dissemination
  • Report Writing and Serialization
  • Virtual HUMINT Creation and Management
  • Internet Exposure Assessment – Attack Surface Analysis – Perception Management – Sentiment Analysis
  • Darknet, Forums, Social Networking, Closed Sites
  • Deception Detection and Credibility Analysis
    • Denial and deception identification
  • Competitive Intelligence Assessment and Program Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis with Recommendations and Opportunities

The Treadstone 71 Program ensures support for organizational mission and objectives while strengthening intelligence across the enterprise. Something we accomplished with ORG A. The program validates intelligence vision, mission, goals, objectives and intelligence requirements. Treadstone 71 incorporates both revolutionary and evolutionaryCYBERINTELTRAININGS methods. We work with you to establish the framework for creating, improving and measuring your program. Methods proved with ORG A and other clients. Strategic goals and objectives are created and assigned.  The program creates metrics, performance goals, milestones, and roadmaps. Treadstone 71 guides you through the journey anticipating modifications and shifts. We offer training as well with the next bootcamp scheduled for July 17-23 in Denver. The program helps you advance the enterprise intelligence program. Standardize intelligence oversight, peer reviews, and governance as well as clear roles, responsibilities and job families.  We also integrate with customer facing organizations providing advice and guidance on competitive intelligence.  The bottom line is a happy client with all tasks accomplished. We can clean up the messes of the big boys or, you can hire us first to get the job done right, done once.

The Treadstone 71 program applies in-depth, substantive expertise, corporate and organizationally specific information and tough-minded tradecraft to product and provide distinctive value-added recommendations and opportunities advancing corporate leadership’s needs while improving organizational business interests. Contact us now to learn how Treadstone 71 can transform your cyber and threat intelligence program. – 888.714.0071

Treadstone 71 Reporting and Briefs

All the technology and all the technical staff does not an effective report make. Treadstone 71 Reporting and Briefs Service answers our clients and our client’s stakeholders key questions. We deliver new insights and further your understanding of the issues. Our services clearly and accurately present all forces and dynamics at play while articulating a clear line of analysis. We provide sufficient reasoning and compelling evidence that supports our judgments including source credibility and confidence levels. We also provide alternative explanations and identify important contrary evidence and intelligence gaps.

Our reporting and briefs service does not create marketing documents. We do not attempt to upsell you or sell you technology. Our interest is in your success. You may not always like what you see and read. That is how intelligence works. From warning intelligence and briefs to adversary dossiers and platforms, Treadstone 71 presents the reasons for any uncertainty while creating a storyline based upon true analysis. We examine the darknet, social networking, forums, and other sources to produce, visualize (GRINTSUM / Infographic) and analyze metrics, while compiling advanced reporting materials, methods, and capabilities. We always seek new ways to make your reporting repeatable, easier, and more efficient.

Treadstone 71 Reporting and Briefs

Contact us at

The Treadstone 71 Difference

Treadstone 71 is nothing like our competitors who are rooted in defensive posture actions with a pedigree in reverse engineering malware and providing defensive solutions for that malware. Most come from anti-virus and law enforcement backgrounds where ‘see, detect, and arrest’ is their mantra. They offer technology solutions based upon this method of protection – technology biased // sales focused. Although they do provide information on adversaries, the information is based on the technology. Most are VC funded and need to sell product and do so as a lead requirement. Technology is not the solution, only a tool. Treadstone 71 is profitable without VC overhead and have only your best interests at hand. We are not an MSSP. Treadstone 71 does not sell product. We are independent of technology companies and not beholden to venture capital overhead.  are not cyber carpetbaggers.

Treadstone 71 is not a carpetbagger organization.

Interestedinyour success

What Treadstone 71 provides is a full-spectrum solution that takes the information you provide in your SOC and incident response functions combining that with complete political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legislative, industrial, educational, and religious aspects of the adversary as well as adversary dossiers and organizational structures. What you receive from Treadstone 71 is detailed information and intelligence on your adversary that far surpasses the technical realm. Where Treadstone 71 service excels is in the ability to provide you with techniques, methods, capabilities, functions, strategies, and programs to not only build a fully functional intelligence capability, but a sustainable program rooted in stakeholder requirements and needs.  Treadstone 71 is rooted in strong military and intelligence community backgrounds.

Sample areas of the Treadstone 71 difference:

– we help you improve your incident detection, prevention, and response developing feedback to improve your cyber defenses

– we assist you in using you threat intelligence to help automate security operations and remediation actions enhancing your operational tradecraft

– we guide you in the building of a centralized threat intelligence service that guides cybersecurity activities of other organizational units

– we drive efficiencies and effectiveness in risk management

– we operationalize your threat intelligence from little to no processes to mature procedures, standard operating procedures, and workflows

– we ensure integration between all things PESTELI +R+E+ and existing technologies in your SOC

– we ensure you understand how to define credibility and relevance of your threat intelligence feeds that leads to truly actionable intelligence

– we assist you in understanding your attack surface and online footprint from websites to social media to the darknet creating new opportunities for targeted intelligence collection

– we help identify, infiltrate, and track adversaries providing information where and when possible to prevent attacks

-we understand geopolitical factors that helps prepare your cyber environment for current and future contingencies

we learn the priorities of your adversaries and help you define a more assertive cyber posture for your organization

– we tailor strategies and programs based upon your organizational needs and the needs of leadership

– we teach and embed cyber intelligence tradecraft in your organization that is lasting following structured techniques proven in the intelligence community

– we educate and drive situational awareness through table top exercises based upon proven military methods adopted for commercial organizations

– we identify adversary front companies, their means, motives, and targets

– we look at adversary’s skills, motivation, maliciousness, types of adversaries, level of automation and rate, informational impacts, targets, defensive measures, adversary course(s) of action, operational impact, line of business impact, and attack vectors

– we create and maintain a presence on their virtual soil using virtual HUMINT methods to help identify your attack surface, your digital footprint

– we know methods of collection, organization/production, structured analytic techniques, how to determine source credibility, communicate gaps and confidence levels, analyze using standard methods of inference, deductive and inductive reasoning, apply clear process for critical thinking, and deliver product in standard analytic writing methods that is clear and concise

– we have been penetrating adversary sites, forums and social media since 2004 using both active and passive methods of cyber engagement – we have been in business since 2002

– we listen

The above is but a sampling the Treadstone 71 differences with most other vendors. Our desire is to build a lasting relationship not based on technology but rooted in the foundational elements of your success.

Contact Treadstone 71 today to see where we may help you succeed. 888.714.0071 Office –

Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification

Program Outline  (July 17-23) Denver 

Program Outline 
CYBINT1 – Collection Methods and Techniques, Collection Planning, PIRs, Collection Process Flow, Collection Tools and Targeting, Alignment with Hunt and Detect Needs, Ties to CSIRT, TTPs, IoCs, Threat Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, All-Source Intelligence – 1.5 Days (Case Study 1)
CYBINT2 – Organization, Production, and Structured Analytic Techniques, Use of Techniques, Production Management, Critical Thinking, Process Flow, Metrics, Intake forms, and templates – 1 Day (Case Study 2)
CYBINT3 – Types and Methods of Analysis, Decomposition, Recomposition, Methods for Fusion, Case Studies in Analysis, Cognitive Bias, Credibility and Reliability of Sources, Confidence Levels, Analysis of Competing Hypothesis, SOPs, Flow into Hunt, Detect, CSIRT, TTPs, IoCs, Inductive/Abductive/Deductive Reasoning  – 1 Day (Case Study 3)
CYBINT4 – Identifying Your Consumers, Stakeholder Identification, and Analysis, Standing Orders from Leadership, Analytic Writing, BLUF, AIMS, Types of Reports, Product Line Mapping / Report Serialization, and Dissemination, Cyber and Threat Intelligence Program Strategic Plan, Goals, Objectives, Cyber Operations Order (Cyber OPORD). Case Study Presentations 2 Days
Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in class exercises, student presentations, analytic products, templates, course material—55-60 CPEs

All Case Studies use all methods, techniques, and tools referenced in the course material. The Case Studies used are straight from the headlines giving students real world experience during the class.


Register for the Denver Course here

The course will run over 6 consecutive days covering a Sunday through the following week with a wrap-up on Friday.  Students are expected to attend each hour of each day since the course is comprehensive with each day building upon the next. Days start at 7 AM and run to 6 PM. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks/tea are provided. Lunches are usually working lunches. Class minimum is 15 with a maximum of 25.

In addition to the cyber intelligence tradecraft, Treadstone 71 is partnering with Stellar Solutions ( to provide a table top exercise based upon one of the case studies delivered during the course. Former Air Force Major Generals Bio–Larry Wells and Bio–Punch_Moulton  will be on hand to drive this exercise. 

Tentative Dates (Approximate since the course will be 6 days) and Locations so far:

Denver July 17-23  now open for registration

Denver October 16-22

To stay abreast of locations and program information, please email

Students who successfully complete the course will be certified as Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Professional. 55-60 CPEs awarded for the course. This course is highly specialized following intelligence community tradecraft. You won’t get this at SANS although emulated. If you want tradecraft that lays the foundation for a solid program, education that creates a lasting impact, then this is the course for you. This course started six years ago at Utica College as part of their Master’s program.

CyberIntelTradecraftCertification – SV

Course books and manuals will be provided to students upon accepted enrollment. This course follows traditional intelligence community tradecraft. Treadstone 71 has been teaching cyber intelligence courses in various forms for 5 years. From academic settings and corporate environments to government facilities. Our customers include some of the largest firms in the world many of whom are part of critical infrastructures recognizing the need to learn how to create intelligence ( We support our training with onsite consulting services that teach you how to create a sustainable program aligned to stakeholders. Ultimately, we teach you what most vendors cannot or will not – how to fish for yourself.

Students are evaluated based upon deliverables of each section and the final written project.


Course Fee, Course Lab and Materials Fee (includes books, templates, structured techniques application, etc.).

$5990.00 required 15 days prior to course start. Discounts available

This course combines lecture, research, and hands-on team assignments. Students need to bring a laptop that does not have corporate controls (tablets will not suffice).

How is this course different from the current Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence course?

This course provides definitive sections along the intelligence lifecycle that are in-depth. Students are required to demonstrate understanding and use of collection methods using defined targets and target case studies, understanding and applying analytic techniques, when and how to use analytic techniques and analytic types. Students are presented several case studies for analysis, required to use tradecraft methods, and provide written reports in standard analytic format. Students are also required to orally present their deliverables to the class.

(Learn about the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Development Program)


Who may attend this course?

Treadstone 71 urges organizations to send teams to this training in order to build the foundation of a program built upon standardized intelligence tradecraft. Treadstone 71 will consider all US-based organizations and organizations within NATO countries.

If we want this course to be taught to our organization privately?

Treadstone 71 will teach private courses.

To stay abreast of locations and program information, please email

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