#Nuclear strike: how to act to save yourself – #Ukraine

The use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine is considered unlikely, and the main purpose of Russia's threats is to frighten Ukrainians and the world and force us to make concessions. However, this intimidation will not have the consequences expected by Russia. https://dovidka.info/yak-diyaty-v-razi-zastosuvannya-brudnoyi-bomby-yadernoyi-ataky-chy-avariyi-na-aes/ However, Ukrainians must know how to act in case of various emergency situations, in particular, a nuclear threat. Watch a short video instruction from the Dovidka.info project. Довідник у разі надзвичайної ситуації або…

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#Russia preparing the world for their #Nuclear Attacks – Dirty Bomb

Putin, like many of his ilk, accuse their adversary of what they in fact are about to do themselves: The Ukrainian regime is preparing a dirty nuclear bomb, and in the coming days we will publish their plan of action in the event of a tactical nuclear strike. From which we can conclude that as early as next week (October 2-10) a “dirty” (that is, assembled from nuclear waste) bomb can be used in Ukraine…

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Tehran launched several hundred new uranium enrichment centrifuges

Statement by Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Spokesperson Behruz Kamalvandi: Today, the order was given to launch several hundred new centrifuges. The IAEA has been informed of this We are talking about various devices, including IR-1 centrifuges and advanced IR-6 centrifuges. Units have been installed previously, including 500 IR-6 centrifuges The launch process will take about 15 days, gas injection began today The step was taken as part of the implementation of the law adopted earlier…

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