Putin, like many of his ilk, accuse their adversary of what they in fact are about to do themselves:

The Ukrainian regime is preparing a dirty nuclear bomb, and in the coming days we will publish their plan of action in the event of a tactical nuclear strike.

From which we can conclude that as early as next week (October 2-10) a “dirty” (that is, assembled from nuclear waste) bomb can be used in Ukraine – which the US and the EU will call a nuclear weapon allegedly used by Russia. What will be the basis for the entry of the NATO contingent into the territory of our Fatherland.

Ukrainian media named the places where they can work on the creation of a “dirty” nuclear bomb

✔️Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv;
✔️At the Khmelnitsky NPP;
✔️At the Rivne NPP;

Nuclear power plants are considered convenient in that they are safe enough for such work, “given that they will not be shelled.”

“The Kremlin has more warheads than other countries – 6,500, as well as 15 bases from which they can be directed to targets in the UK. There are 106 possible nuclear targets in total. Cities such as London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Coventry and Sheffield will be wiped off the island. Almost 6 million victims are expected in the English capital alone, radioactive fallout will reach other cities. Likely targets are also military installations – 23 Air Force bases, 14 American air bases, 10 radar stations, eight command centers and 13 Royal Navy bases.

In Kyiv, specialists from the Institute for Nuclear Research were once engaged in the elimination of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. “There is a shutdown nuclear reactor, cyclotrons and electron accelerators on the territory of the institute,” Ukrainian sources write.

Rusprav TV

✔️There is one more place – Kharkiv Fiztekh, but according to Ukrainian sources, this object has already “arrived” several times. In addition, at the moment there is no reliable information about the performance of its reactor.

Putin says: “If you attack us, create a real threat to the existence of Russia, if you use nuclear weapons against Russia, then we will respond with nuclear weapons, as written in the nuclear doctrine. And the entire Western world is yelling, yelling, shouting that “Look, Putin is threatening us with nuclear weapons!” Here Danilov (Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov – ed.) threatens with a bunch of “dirty” bombs, and for sure they are really working on them. I am sure that they already have all the necessary components for this. Remember who was the first to say that Ukraine was working on the creation of “dirty” nuclear weapons? The then Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Turchynov was still under Petro Poroshenko.

Indirect evidence shows that they were preparing such a provocation in Donetsk, when they bombed a factory of state-owned chemical products. But at the same time, we understand who will be blamed if suddenly Danilov, Turchynov, some Ukrainian madman, somewhere in the center of Ukraine, and, moreover, on our territory, uses that same dirty bomb. Of course, there will already be shouting that “Russia!”, – said Kornilov.

“The case with the blowing up of the gas pipeline is a test for the level of madness, informational idiocy, to which the West can sink. Even if in this case, when everyone understands that the Russian gas transportation system, the Russian pipeline, has been attacked, even if in NATO waters. If even under these conditions they manage to accuse Russia: “Russia is shelling itself,” then Western society is ready to accept any nonsense without any evidence. They don’t need to prove anything anymore.

Do you know what the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has agreed to? They ask the question: “Isn’t the attack on the gas pipeline a reason to apply Article 5 of the NATO Charter?” Our gas pipelines have been attacked, but it turns out that Nord Stream is a “NATO facility”, because of which Article 5 of the NATO Charter can be applied and NATO can be collectively defended. This level is below the plinth! Then you can blame Russia for anything, ”Kornilov stated.

By Treadstone 71

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