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2020-06-21_15-13-49.jpgAnonymous Labor Exchange – the new aka labor exchange market, which with its concept has the ability to embrace its field and feel the old-timers move interesting functionality. And now I have the honor to tell you all about it. I note that they do not sell drugs here, so that the all-great three-headed monopoly can sleep peacefully. ALEx should be associated precisely as a labor exchange or universal marketplace. Or as a platform on which every shadow businessman can quickly find an artist for any requested task, and not just anybody, but a person with experience and feedback.

The site meets the user like this. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to crawl the site at the time when one of the users suggested a “task with MK layout”:There are many sections, and so that you immediately understand what can be found here, I will describe them here:



The scale is impressive. This is especially true of the inclusion of the categories “Migration”, “Physical Impact” and “Intimacy Services” – if with the last category I have a question on “how will such an industry be attracted here?”, Then the other two are new – I admit, each just stumble upon rare requests from people in telegram chats “you need sports”, but you constantly have to look for them using dancing with a tambourine and looking for contacts that have access to these frames – because the service is low-liquid, but not losing its relevance. And if we go up a little higher in the table, to the topic of substances – the owners of the exchange took into account the demand for such a rare and very necessary service as chemical analysis of substances, without reference to Hydra Test.

Now let’s get to the profile interface:

It’s unusual to see the blog tab. My assumption about its implementation on the site rests on the idea of ​​marketing activity, you write a blog-> attract potential buyers. Let’s skip the portfolio, as you understand, here will be located regalia and links to other sites of the seller. The tab “deals” is divided into 3 types:

I am a customer
I am a performer
This is the first clear advantage that few can notice, namely, the lack of dividing users into “buyer / seller”. And actually the reviews about the work, which divide with jambs definitely will not work. 🙂

Rubbing our hands, we rush to the main financial menu of the profile and see …

e62570929e914cbc0b8ad (1).png

You were not mistaken, the “Credits” tab is really there, but I will talk about them later. Revenues are generated here not only from the tasks you completed, but also from the above loans, referral%, as well as the income that the executor of your task brings. On the site itself there is a currency converter in dollars and rubles.

Now let’s talk about loans:

A risky and controversial venture, but still the first among all. You can immediately act as a borrower and lender, without doing all the different accounts. Here I express my skeptical point of view that under such an undertaking it is necessary to make at least an initial scoring model so that each user engaged in “banking” understands that he is a solvent person with reviews, profiles and a reputation on the sites known to everyone, ” basic deposit “, etc. At the same time, no one bothers to work with trusted people and help them with an interest-free loan, which cannot be withdrawn from the site, and they, in turn, receive income, will not lose anything. Thus, you can be sure that the money will go into business.

However, the mechanism allows everyone to issue a loan for collateral to a courier, who may not have funds for collateral. After completing the assignment, he receives money and pays for the security with the creditor. Again – risky, but when using such a financial instrument, it is possible to become a “rentier” with a constant income without contacting with surfactants. A sort of, personnel lender, not related to a particular site and earning outsourcing. Or even simpler – a courier owner who is not a dealer.

However, it’s worth talking about the ranks and reputation on ALEx:

I’ll immediately explain for the number N. At the moment, according to comments from the representatives of the site, the exact number of transactions at which you will be given the “verified user” rank is unknown, but it will be configured in the near future. For the rest, I can say that the move up to the “user” through the referral link is not bad – thereby the status of the newcomer is not new, and the one who provided the link to the site will receive his possible gesheft from transactions. I will not add a referral link from myself. 🙂

Comment on anonymity. I will not be unfounded, I’ll give you a better quote:

Correspondence, files and all user actions are encrypted on the site.
Correspondence is classified even from the administration, only at the moment when the dispute opens, the administration gets access to the encryption keys of the interlocutors.
As you can see, the key aspect of the activity was taken care of in the first place.

Now let’s move on to the results. How the site will stand out from the rest of the market:

1) A large number of areas of activity.

2) The lending mechanism.

3) Extensive geography, without reference to one region of activity (however, it depends on the users providing tasks / service)

4) Emphasis on user communication.

5) Referral system.

6) The feedback system, the account of transactions of each user, as well as open histories of transactions and disputes.

Key points about ALEx immediate plans :

1) Connecting the BTC mixer

2) Finalization of the mechanism of reputation and ranks at the site

Moments requiring refinement – all the same lending mechanism that needs a scoring model, although no one bothers to give loans to trusted people, as well as the “blog” section – even though it exists, you need to show the user that it is bolted for a reason help in promoting the service.

Anonymous Labor Exchange – there is every chance to centralize the labor market of surfactants around itself, while providing a working infrastructure not only for clad workers, but also for other areas of shadow activity.

And finally – by clicking on the link and starting to complete tasks, your reward will be increased by 5%. Completed the quest for 10k. received 10,500 rubles!

A major site update has been released:

– Changed the design of dialogs.
– Changed the design of transactions.
– Added top performers and customers.
– Added the ability to partially pay for the task.
– Additional changes to the home page.
– Accelerated page loading and site resistance to DDOS attacks.

The most important change to this update:

– We added two objective parameters for evaluating performers and customers: “Executiveness” and “Justice”. These parameters are evaluated as follows: the customer has the opportunity to assess the volume and quality of the work performed by the contractor “and, in the case of improper execution, pay at its discretion, and the contractor, in turn, can either agree with the customer’s assessment or disagree by opening a dispute If the contractor agrees, the percentage of payment is credited to him as “Executiveness” for this transaction, and the customer receives 100% of “Justice.” If the contractor does not agree with the assessment, a dispute opens in which the moderator makes a final decision, evaluating the amount and quality of work performed The moderator’s rating is counted as “Executiveness” by the employee, and the customer’s “Justice” is calculated as the ratio of his rating to the rating made by the moderator.

For illustrative examples, it looks like this:
A) A transaction in the amount of 1000 rubles, estimated by the customer as completed by 60%. Contractor agrees.
“Executive” employee = 60% | “Justice” of the customer = 100%. The contractor receives 600 rubles.
B) The Contractor does not agree, a dispute opens. Based on the results of the dispute, the moderator estimated the amount of work performed as 80%.
“Executiveness” = 80% | “Justice” = 60 \ 80 = 0.75 = 75%. The contractor receives 800 rubles.

To set the rating, the arithmetic mean value of “Execution” and “Justice” is further calculated.

The result of this update will be two user rating systems:

– Objective, based on the indicators of “Execution” and “Justice”, which shows how well the applicant performs the work, as well as how honestly the customer evaluates the work.

– Subjective assessment of users. All the usual “stars” and “reviews” that will help evaluate the human, communication and business qualities of the user, as well as how impressive he makes about himself.

We hope that now it will become even more convenient to work on our site.
Sincerely, ALEx team


ALEx (http://alex24nodown46sn.onion/?ref=expl) is a unique project that the Russian-speaking darknet can be proud of. The combination of the shadow labor exchange and social network: work and make new friends!

Are you surfing the dark internet segment looking for something interesting? Do you want to find reliable performers for a specific job? Or are you looking for a part-time job? Or maybe you just do not have enough communication with like-minded people?

ALEx (http://alex24nodown46sn.onion/?ref=expl) will answer all your questions with confidence and expand your understanding of the darknet, as well as throw a job and find you friends!


iddt, торговля не является нашим основным направлением работы. Площадка заточена под то, чтобы помогать людям находить работу.
Король Улиц – Washington,e
Срочный Набор Курьеров
Король Улиц – Washington,e
дизайнеры – пишите вакансии свободные !
Король Улиц – Washington,e
hirro, привет есть
Подскажите, коллеги, когда будут предложения, запросы по странам Евросоюза? На данный момент интересует Польша?)
Король Улиц – Washington,e
есть люди с Тайланда тут ?
ArtKravt, в следующем патче будет вообще весь мир. В самое ближайшее время ожидайте обновления.
ITS Bleach
Oracle, если не секрет расскажи о паре полезных функциях в новом патче.
ITS Bleach
Да и когда ждать обновление?
Король Улиц – Washington,e
Всем Привет – Работаем вся РФ И КЗ! Срочно ищу курьеров !
ITS Bleach
Король Улиц – Washington,e
не в чате! лс
Здравствуйте, подскажите почему не мог отправить сбщ в любом из чатов на гидре, просто идёт загрузка , после обновления страницы сбщ исчезает как ни в чем не бывало
Проблема с гидрой
Не у одного меня так?
Ждать получается?
ребят что то говорят телега больше не безопасно это так ?????
У кого трёхголовая работает?
aptem200, +
Пополнение аккаунтов 65-80% от баланса
От 300-700 рублей выгода
С чего пополняешь?
Gagarin Shop
На гидре не работает ЛС, не оплачиваются услуги, не меняются права сотрудников и т.д.
SexyBarmen, связь вообще на гидре упала
ЛС не работает тоже. Закопал в лесу 2кг зелени и не могу отправить координаты :C
Hydraупала жёстко
Деньги закинул а они не пришли на счёт
Профессор Мориарти
aptem200, телега никогда не была безопасна.
Профессор Мориарти
ITS Bleach, мы обновление написали, сейчас проходит закрытое тестирование. Мы переписали 70% площадки, набор новых функций огромный. Ожидайте, пожалуйста, самим не терпится скорее его залить.
Переход на гидру ссылка фишинговая ))

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