Included here are documents from the “Sayad” project under the IRGC Cyber Unit’s Eeleyant Gostar company’s (also known as “Emen Net Pasargad” / “Shahid Shooshtari”) . The goal of this project is the identification, location and tracking of ethnic groups that stand against the regime, needless to say this will be used by the dreadful regime to kidnap, arrest, jail, execute and hang our dear compatriots from those same ethnic minorities.
This project is only a small example of the Eeleyant Gostar company’s “products”.
As you can see in the documents, as part of the “Sayad” project, Eeleyant Gostar is:

The 2020 Treadstone 71 Report is further validated by this data release by Lab Dookhtegan. 

• Hacking into the international airports of Albania, France, and others with the goal of locating and tracking Iranian citizens of ethnic minorities around the world (assassinations).
• Hacking into eCommerce and travel agency sites in order to steal and abuse ethnic minorities’ data.
• Hacking and infecting minorities’ emails and phones in order to steal their data and secretly record them.

Why Albania and France?

This ties back to last years (2020) Free Iran Conference in an attempt to track who in the resistance was traveling to and from the event.

The Iranian MOIS (VAJA) also tried to figure out who in Iran was running apps associated with the resistance and resistance TV.

The illegitimate regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been oppressing the noble Iranian nation, including the Turks, Kurds, Balochi and Lori people for over 40 years as well as robbing the nation’s money. The only thing the regime has given to the Iranian nation in return was the denial of basic human rights.
This dreadful regime is viciously attacking the cultures and native tongues of the Iranian ethnic minorities, and at the same time neglecting their basic utilities and physically starving these minority groups, while preparing to deal with any protests with the full violent force of the regime. We recommend you look up the cruel killing of the “Balochi fuel smugglers” and the “water crisis protests of the south of Iran”.

IRGC with the name “Emen No Pasargard,” also known as “Eeleyanet Gostar Iranian,” led by Mohammad Bagher Shirinkar, known as Mojtaba Tehrani.
This company provides cyber services to the cyber unit of the IRGC, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and the Quds cyber forces and gives them the opportunity to suppress our compatriots and act against other countries.
With the help of our fellow freedom fighters, we will expose this company, and we pray that our efforts will overthrow this dictatorship as soon as possible.
Follow us as soon as we start with our exposure…

AVAT sandbox system, product of the Iranian Cyber Company “Eeleyanet Gostar” (Lab Dookhtegan) – The Cyber Shafarat – Treadstone 71

Mostafa Mostafavi (employee #132): Head of administration and finance department
Amir Mohammadi (employee #147): Head of cyber department
Dr. Rahimi (employee #193): Shirinkar’s senior advisor
Prostitute Gholam-Zadeh (employee #208): Head of research center
Mousavi (employee #217): Head of security
Rahmatollah Asgari-Zadeh (employee #248): Head of general-manager’s office
Hossein Mehdi-Nia (employee #274): Head of information technology

Dear compatriots, we need your help in sharing these documents, and keep up your cooperation in taking care of those regime bastards!

We’ll take our country back! Long Live Free Iran!

نام حزب

گروهک توحيد و جهاد
تضامن الاهوازی
حرکه النضال‌العربي لتحريرالاحواز
حرکت انصار ایران (جیش الفاتح، جیش الحسین)
حزب آزادی کردستان؛ پارت آزادي کردستان(پاک)
سپاه صحابۀ ایران
رزگاری (رستگاری)
حزب رنجبران ایران و سازمان انقلابی حزب توده
جبهه دمکراتیک خلق عرب احواز
جندالله (جندالشیطان)
حزب کارگران کردستان؛ پ‌ک‌ک
حزب دموکرات کردستان (حدک)
انصار الفرقان


ObjectDriver DBI::mysql

Database emrooz

DBUser emrooz

DBPassword ac0iPeeL

DBHost localhost

DBPort 3306



/** MySQL database username */

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘vahdat’);

/** MySQL database password */

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘k2o34gd’);

/** MySQL hostname */

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);




DB User: andish5_usrclean

DB Pass: Pw8@oJ2qSy=w



 France News

DB User: dbo520796433

Db Pass: grognette



Username: lbainier , Password: 20minutes



Name of the Iranian Regime Intelligence Targeting political party

Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iran
Komala Kurdistan
The Arab National Movement moves to Ahwaz
Kurdistan Freedom Party;  Kurdistan Freedom Party (Pak)
Human Rights Organization
Worker-Communist Party of Iran
Hamid Taghvaei website
Kurdistan Workers’ Party;  PKK
Kurdistan Democratic Party (Hadak)
The Suffering Party of Iran and the Revolutionary Organization of the Tudeh Party

  • Autonomous government of Azerbaijan
  • Democratic Union of Azerbaijan
  • Democratic and secular Republican movement in Iran
  • Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iran
  • Komala Party of Kurdistan
  • Provisional Council of Left Socialists of Iran
  • Balochistan People’s Party
  • Organization of the Communist Fadaiyan Union
  • Organization of the Union of People’s Fadaiyan of Iran
  • Al-Ahwazi solidarity
  • The Arab National Movement moves to write Ahwaz
  • Corps of the Companions of Iran
  • Ansar Movement of Iran (Jaish al-Fatih, Jaish al-Hussein)
  • Kurdistan Workers’ Party; (PKK)
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party (Hadak)
  • The Sufferers Party of Iran and the Revolutionary Organization of the Tudeh Party
  • Kurdistan Freedom Party; Kurdistan Freedom Party (Pak)
  • Ahwaz Arab People’s Democratic Front
  • Army of Satan
  • PJAK Group (Kurdistan Free Life Party)
  • The Arab struggle movement for the liberation of Ahwaz
  • South Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement
  • National Liberation Movement of South Azerbaijan
  • Tudeh Party of Iran
  • Communist Party of Iran
  • Iranian Labor Party
  • Iranian People’s Fedayeen Guerrilla Organization
  • Labor way
  • People’s Fadaiyan Organization of Iran
  • People’s Fedayeen Guerrilla Organization of Iran

Sites hacked with database modifications:

Targeted Domains

Domain Name 

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