sayad project

Iranian Intelligence Services – ( Shahid Kaveh ) The Sayad Project and Sayad 2 – Dissident & Foreign Support, Internal Targeting – Khalq Project 99

Treadstone 71 reports on Iranian influence operations, cyber operations, persona generation, Basij Cyber Battalions, and targeted adversary analysis (see the links below).  Iranian intelligence operations demonstrates fear of dissident and opposition activities abroad and an effort to control and eliminate any potential counter narrative to the official revolutionary line, including assassinations. Iran controls internal communications with Dezhfa.

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“The Sayad Project” – Iranian Cyber Targeting of Internal and Regional Political Parties – Dookhtegan Rides Again

Included here are documents from the “Sayad” project under the IRGC Cyber Unit’s Eeleyant Gostar company’s (also known as “Emen Net Pasargad” / “Shahid Shooshtari”) . The goal of this project is the identification, location and tracking of ethnic groups that stand against the regime, needless to say this will be used by the dreadful regime to kidnap, arrest, jail, execute and hang our dear compatriots from those same ethnic minorities.This project is only a…

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