35km from the Border? Not a reduction in force #Russia

Since yesterday, photos from the Novozybkovo railway station in the Bryansk region began to appear on the network.  The arrival of at least one echelon of equipment (mainly tankers and covered trucks) has been documented. 

Klimovo, Bryansk Oblast, Russia?

Logically, the closest location may be the long-closed Klimovo airbase.  To the border with Ukraine 35 km.

Documented movements of military equipment of the RF Armed Forces dated from 23 to 27 December.


#Russia: Transportation of a self-propelled artillery with army truck inside the city of #Voronezh!
Location: ~180 km from #Ukraine L_TEAM10

#Russia: OSINT Analysts have published new satellite images of a military base in the area of Valuyki in the Belgorod region.
In a few weeks, the military potential has tripled. The base is located 20 km from the border with #Ukraine. L_TEAM10