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[Ransomware] LockBit 2.0 is an affiliate program. Affiliate program LockBit 2.0 temporarily relaunch the intake of partners. The program has been underway since September 2019, it is designed in origin C and ASM languages without any dependencies. Encryption is implemented in parts via the completion port (I/O), encryption algorithm AES + ECC. During two years none has managed to decrypt it. Unparalleled benefits are encryption speed and self-spread function. The only thing you have to do is to get access to the core server, while LockBit 2.0 will do all the rest. The launch is realized on all devices of the domain network in case of administrator rights on the domain controller.

Brief feature set:

  • administrator panel in Tor system;communication with the company via Tor, chat room with PUSH notifications;
    automatic test decryption;
    automatic decryptor detection;
    port scanner in local subnetworks, can detect all DFS, SMB, WebDav shares;
    automatic distribution in the domain network at run-time without the necessity of scripts;
    termination of interfering services and processes;
    blocking of process launching that can destroy the encryption process;
    setting of file rights and removal of blocking attributes;
    removal of shadow copies;
    creation of hidden partitions, drag and drop files and folders;
    clearing of logs and self-clearing;
    windowed or hidden operating mode;
    launch of computers switched off via Wake-on-Lan;
    print-out of requirements on network printers;
    available for all versions of Windows OS;

LockBit 2.0 is the fastest encryption software all over the world. In order to make it clear, we made a comparative table with several similar programs indicating the encryption speed at same conditions, making no secret of their names.

If you have any doubts concerning this table, you can easily check the provided information downloading the samples, which have been used for testing.

Follow the link RansomwareSamples.7z Along with the encrypting system, you get access to the fastest stealer all over the world – StealBit automatically downloading all files of the attacked company to our updated blog.

Only you decide during communication how much the encrypted company will pay you. You get the payment to your personal ewallets in any currency, after which you transfer us the percentage of the foreclosure amount. LockBit 2.0 does not function in post-Soviet countries. We cooperate only with experienced pentesters who are real professionals in such tools as Metasploit Framework and Cobalt Strike. Cooperation terms and conditions are determined for each Customer individually. With our help you can easily get more targets over the weekend than with any other affiliate program over the week.

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Conditions for partners and contacts files are encrypted by Lock Bit Encrypted files are published

30 Nov, 2021 17:35:00 Abiom is de toonaangevende en innovatieve speler in de Benelux met betrekking tot de ontwikkeling, levering, productie en service van hoogwaardige missie en business kritische communicatie oplossingen en voertuig signalerings systemen ten behoeve van professionele werkomgevingen All available data published !

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