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ID Store – is the oldest ID store in the deepweb. After 7 years running our own service we moved to a marketplace for higher security. We offer a full range of services to make a new identity for you: passports, IDs, driver’s licenses and residency visas.

We provide services for the production of documents of the EU countries.
– Residence permit / permanent residence
– VISAS Schengen, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea
We will help to get to Europe, Canada, USA and other countries.
Terms of fulfillment – from 2 days.
Sending anywhere in the world.

All documents are fully registered in all government institutions. Currently, we are working with UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Germany.

These countries have one of the most loyal migration policies and they offer the widest range of capabilities for their residents and citizens. With the passport of any of that country you are free to travel all over the world without any extra visas, allowed to open a bank account in any country and so on and so forth. You are even will be able to participate in elections with the passport, just in case.

How to place an order.

Choose an option below from the price-list and send us a PM with the scan of your photo. That photo will be printed and attached to your new document and also included in every needed document in the government institution. This action is necessary if you want to have a LEGIT REGISTRED document.

It is obvious that to register any document need some time. But we make it as fast as we can.

Timeline is next:
– Passport: 3 days (UK passport: 4 days);
– ID: 1 day;
– Driver’s license: 1 day;
– Residency visa: 2 days.

After mentioned period your documents are ready for shipping. We ship only via expedited delivery (because the parcel is very secure and a high-valued), shipping costs are included into price. In most destinations the delivery takes 2-3 business days.

Am I supposed to receive a new name?

Yes, you will get a new name in case you order Passport and ID. If you need any specific name, please contact us BEFORE we start making your documents.
Is it safe?

We work directly with government institutions through our trusted people which makes the whole process is absolutely safe and legit. Your new documents are 100% original.
I saw vendors on TOR selling passports for $300, why are your prices so high?

This is probably the most often question that people ask. We offer not the clones of original document, but the ORIGINAL document. They are registered by your name with all institutions. Moreover, we are selling here on marketplace, it means that if you are not satisfied with our job then you get your money back. As far as I know other vendors on TOR doesn’t even offer an escrow. Ok, try that vendors, but I promise you will come here after you got scammed.

What additionally will I get with my order?

You will get the document/documents that you have ordered + emergency guide in case you face any problems or simply don’t know how to use those documents. Basically, there will be a list of telephone numbers with 24/7 support. We do not abandon our customers after they received their order. Certificate of Naturalization is also provided with the passport.

Is it necessary to give you my photo?

How do you imagine that? Can you receive any of those documents in your country without a photo? Who do you think we should put on the photo into YOUR passport? Me or any of our staff?) If you are afraid to upload it here on Under Market, we will give you an email address and you send it there.

How about the fingerprints?

There are 3 ways to provide it:

1. If you have traveled to any country from our list before, we will take the fingerprints from the database.
2. If not, then you can meet our agent in your country, he will collect your biometrics. You will be appointed the meeting after placing the order. It is included in the price.
3. You collect them by yourself and send it to us as a JPG file. We do not accept other file formats because every device for taking fingerprints has its own format. And to avoid any problems with that, we ask a neutral format – JPG.
How to contact you?

UK Passport 2499$
UK ID 799$
UK Driver’s License 599$
UK Residency Visa 1299$
(Passport+ID+Driver’s License+free SIM card) 3499$
USA Passport 1999$
USA ID 599$
USA Driver’s License 399$
USA Residency Visa 999$
USA New Identity Pack (Passport+ID+Driver’s License+free SIM card) 2599$
Australian Passport 1999$
Australian ID 599$
Australian Driver’s License
Australian Residency Visa 999$
Australian New Identity Pack (Passport+ID+Driver’s License+free SIM card) 2599$
New Zealand Passport 1999$
New Zealand ID 599$
New Zealand Driver’s License 399$
New Zealand Residency Visa 999$
New Zealand New Identity Pack (Passport+ID+Driver’s License+free SIM card) 2599$
Canadian Passport 2099$
Canadian ID 699$
Canadian Driver’s License 499$
Canadian Residency Visa 1099$
Canadian New Identity Pack (Passport+ID+Driver’s License+free SIM card) 2899$
French Passport 2199$
French ID 749$
French Driver’s License 549$
French Residency Visa 1199$
French New Identity Pack (Passport+ID+Driver’s License+free SIM card) 3099$
German Passport 1999$
German ID 599$
German Driver’s License 399$
German Residency Visa 999$
German New Identity Pack (Passport+ID+Driver’s License+free SIM card) 2599$

Contact on what’s app for more information +32460206178 or mail at greengenie.us@gmail.com

Contact on what’s app for more information +49 1573 5987877 or mail at greengenie.us@gmail.com

Buy real registered Passport
Our Passports have all the customer’s data enrolled in the alleged database framework and once checked in any airplane terminal or utilizing an information perusing machine, all the customer’s data will appear. For Example, in the event that you need us to create a US Passport, we will enroll all your Biometric and Vital data in the US focal database framework under government acknowledgment. Original records are LEGALLY utilized and acknowledged by experts. Original records can be recharged by the experts. In the event that we produce you a genuine Passport like Buy Real Passport Online and it expires, you can return to us or go to the specialists for a reestablishment of the archive. When they check the and see all your data and see that everything is certified and genuine, they will restore your record with no issues.

A residence permit also known as residency permit is a document or card which is required in some
areas, allowing a foreign national to reside and work in a country for a fixed or indefinite length of time. These may
be permits for temporary residency, or permanent residency. The exact rules vary between regions.
Many people always ask these question if they can have a dual resident permit?
Can a person be a resident of two countries?
Dual residence comes as a result of you being for tax purposes in more than one country at the same
time. This is known as dual residence. If you are resident in the UK and another country,
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