Analysis of images and videos broadcast on the surface of Russian cyberspace, shows that the country is transferring a huge amount of troops and armored and engineering equipment through the railways east to west (Ukraine).

About a week ago, images were released from the Naushki area (very close to Mongolia) showing a large number of T-72 tanks and a 152mm 2S3 Acacia self-propelled gun, followed by another video showing the Ulan-ude area in the south East of Lake Baikal showed that engineering and logistics teams were deployed on the east-west rail.

Pictures were also released of the Razdol’noe region, one of the easternmost parts of Russia and the re-loading of armored vehicles on trains, and three days ago images of the transfer of other equipment were displayed near the town of Khabarovsk.

Of course, it cannot be said that all these equipments and armored vehicles will be sent to the Ukrainian border, but rather to fill the gaps in the western border and the tension in Russia and their presence in a possible war with Ukraine, (if support is needed) as soon as possible. Shape is possible

Other movements locations and exact timing unknown

By Treadstone 71

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