The only tank manufacturer in the country, Uralvagonzavod, stopped in Russia due to a lack of components.

For the same reason, the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, which was engaged in the repair of tanks and other armored vehicles, also stopped working.

The second army in the world will be taken by “freezing Western exports”. Weapons will rust and become unusable, and it will be impossible to build a new one without Western technologies and materials.

Lukashenka is preparing for the famine.
“We are conducting it against the backdrop of a heated conflict along our southern borders. And also in the context of huge sanctions pressure on Russia as our main ally and our main market, an unprecedented increase in prices worldwide for hydrocarbons, fertilizers and food. In addition, dry weather has set in, which complicates the start of the campaign.

And what about the rise in prices for hydrocarbons, if the Republic of Belarus receives them on preferential terms? And what about fertilizers, if the Republic of Belarus is one of the largest suppliers of potassium? And what about the conflict, if Lukashenka himself let the troops into his territory?

In Russia, there is an acute shortage of containers for packaging juices and milk. The reason is the shortage of foreign raw materials. In this regard, the supply of such products to stores may be disrupted – Vedomosti

Instead of tetrapacks, which can be difficult to supply, milk can be poured into plastic and glass bottles, as well as cans and milk machines – Nadezhda Shkolkina, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues.

In Kazan, a man was detained for speculation, trying to sell 50 kg of sugar.

Instead of Facebook and Instagram, a site has appeared in Russia where you can write a denunciation. A Just Russia has launched a resource where it offers to report information about enemies and traitors. According to the creators of the “gosstukach” portal, all anonymous letters will be transferred to Bastrykin – @stalin_gulag

The Council of Ulema (theologians) of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia at a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday will adopt a fatwa (theological conclusion) on polygamy in modern Russia

Prices for drugs from the Vital and Essential Drug List rose by 40% from February 24 to March 16, Roszdravnadzor reported. But they note that this is “within the limits of the registered selling prices.” At the same time, the number of complaints about the lack of certain drugs in pharmacies increased against the backdrop of a three-fold increase in sales. Officials blame the media for this – after reading the news, the Russians rushed to buy everything they could in reserve.

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