Yemeni spokesman: With 3 UAVs, we targeted Saudi Aramco. The UAVs targeted the Aramco Company in the east of Saudi Arabia with four UAVs.This operation is precise and is called Operation Balance Deterence Two (referring a previous strike on facilities in the KSA).

These actions have been carried out within the framework of our natural and legitimate right to respond to the crimes of the transgressive coalition and the five-year siege of Yemen.

Saudi officials have confirmed that the explosion and fire at #Aramco’s infrastructure was the result of an #UAV attack. Images of either missiles or drones shot just before the explosions:

The area infrastructure:

The US has announced that it is ready to inject its strategic reserves into the #oil market to keep prices stable. Some facilities may take 6 months to repair. On Saturday, it was announced that about 5 UAVs had attacked the facilities of Baqiq and Kharis owned by the state-owned oil company Aramco in eastern Saudi Arabia. A spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi group, backed by Iran, said the attacks were carried out by the Shiite group.

Today, at dawn, reports of explosions and fires were reported at the Aramco water desalination plant and oil refinery.


An interesting map of eastern Saudi Arabia where Aramco’s oil facilities in the Abqaiq area are marked in green. The yellow circles are the size of the Saudi Army’s Hawk systems. As you can see, the Houthis attack last night is completely out of reach of the Hawk systems. But the red circles indicate the extent of coverage of the Patriot PAC-3 systems. As you can see, the target area was completely covered by Patriot systems.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Patriot’s efficiency or inefficiency. Because the Patriot system is used in the PAC-3 to deal with ballistic threats and is not designed to deal with such drones. On the other hand, there are no built-in paddock systems to cope with the emerging threat of such suicide drones.

Blazes at major oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais brought under control

Some sources on social media have claimed that these are pieces of Cruze missiles used in the attack on Aramco refineries in Saudi Arabia.
Images cannot be verified at this time.

Today’s higher-resolution satellite images, released by Digital Globe, show the cruise missile’s targets.
According to the orientation and position of the observation points, the attacks appear to have been to the northwest of the facility.
The high accuracy of the targeted missiles and infrastructures is also of great interest.

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