Mohammad Al-Bakhiti, member of the #Yemeni Political Council:

The UAE will become a battleground between the resistance and the United States Mohammad Al-Bakhiti, member of the Yemeni Political Council in an interview with Al-Mayadin: The UAE did not heed our advice to leave the war in Yemen, and after getting involved in this war, it will no longer be a neutral point in the region and will become a battlefield of resistance against the United States.We will never target civilian positions in the…

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Today’s #Yemeni attack on #UAE supported and planned with #IRGC

Today's Yemeni attack on the UAE is supported and planned with the help of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Israel has been investigating the details of Iranian-backed Houthi airstrikes on the UAE and oil reserves near Abu Dhabi in recent hours. Israeli authorities estimate that about a dozen drones, including suicide drones and missiles, were involved in the large-scale strike. The Yemeni originating attack which was accurate and coordinated. According to Israeli security sources, this…

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