The UAE will become a battleground between the resistance and the United States

Mohammad Al-Bakhiti, member of the Yemeni Political Council in an interview with Al-Mayadin:

The UAE did not heed our advice to leave the war in Yemen, and after getting involved in this war, it will no longer be a neutral point in the region and will become a battlefield of resistance against the United States.

We will never target civilian positions in the UAE, because we consider the people there as our brothers.

We have been more patient than the UAE than Saudi Arabia to give this country a chance to retreat.

The aggression against Yemen is in fact an aggression by the United States and the Israeli regime, of which Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the tools.

The UAE will be the biggest loser in this aggression and the value of investing in it will reach zero.

Reporting: Channel of the Revolutionary Guards

By Treadstone 71

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