The usual nasties from those who do not understand…

With the advent of the so-called polytheistic celebrations that the infidels are experiencing these days, we send a message to our monotheistic brothers in Europe, America, Australia, Canada, Russia and other countries of disbelief and apostasy.  Revenge for your brothers and sisters who were killed and captured by these scumbags, oh our monotheistic brothers. Know that the monotheist is an army alone, so trust in God and seek help in Him, Glory be to Him.  Those who preceded you on this path who frightened the Crusaders and robbed them of safety and security in their own homes, do like their deeds, may God Almighty accept them and imitate them, for imitating the honorable is successful.

With this cold, snow and rain, we ask God to ease the suffering of our united brothers in prisons and detention centers and we ask Him Almighty to relieve our sisters in the camps, O God, have mercy on them, O Lord, and hasten the release of their families.

By Treadstone 71

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