Straight from the KGB Playbook

Putin twists the storyline and mis-compares as a matter of fact. Standard Putinesque verbiage.

Putin rejected allegations that the Russian authorities allegedly persecute citizens for political reasons in an interview with NBC (seemingly ignoring poisoning Navalny and shackling him).

The President of Russia invited the interviewer to pay attention to the situation in this area in the United States.

“You see it as disagreement and intolerance.  We see it in a completely different way. “

Before that, the correspondent called the recognition of the Anti-Corruption Fund as an extremist organization “persecution of dissent.”

Putin noted that hundreds of people were detained in the United States after the storming of the Capitol in January this year:

“We have a saying: there is nothing to be angry with a mirror if you are ugly.  This has nothing to do with you personally, but if someone accuses us of something, why don’t you take a look at yourself?  You will see yourself in the mirror, not us. “

#Navalny #Poison