Huge! Draining of documents on the system of early detection of threats “Vepr” See below for docos

#взломали Earlier, we wrote that with the help of this system, from 2024, they are going to predict whether discontent will lead to protests. In case of risk, I will transfer the data to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to extinguish the indignation at the initial stages. And now we are publishing documents on it from the hacked servers of the GRCHTS, a subsidiary of Roskomnadzor. The titles and metadata of the…

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Rozkomnadzor Censorship Efforts

We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the investigations following the hacking of the special department of Roskomnadzor on how surveillance of its fellow citizens and censorship on the Internet is carried out and improved in the Russian Federation: 1. " Mediazona "2. " Important Stories "3. " Present "4. " Agency " From the curious: the sovereign censors also pay attention to the flag of peace and freedom. Nothing but fear of its…

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Russian Censorship Continues in Social Media

The fight against bots and trolls continues. The draft Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation "On Amendments to the Rules for the Centralized Management of the Public Communications Network", developed by the Ministry of Digital Development, has been submitted for public discussion and, if approved, may enter into force on March 1, 2024. The explanatory note to the document says that it concerns the activities of the organizers of the "instant messaging service"…

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Rozkomnadzor Members

Region No. Name TU Position Surname First name Patronymic City code Landline phone Mobile phone E-mail Business trip Vacation With software Responsible from TU Roskomnadzor Acting head of TU Roskomnadzor 26 TU Roskomnadzor for the North Caucasian Federal District Head Polyanichev Dmitry Vyacheslavovich 8652 57-70-00 8 (928) 005-03-11 Polyanichev Dmitry Vyacheslavovich (928) 005-03-11 polyanichev@rkn. Polyanichev Dmitry Vyacheslavovich (928) 005-03-11 Deputy Doronin Alexander Alexandrovich 57-70-01 8 (962) 441-97-83 Deputy Head Novikov Maxim…

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Where to send negative thoughts about Putin

Roskomnadzor specifically collects negative comments about Putin. Every month, no later than 19:00 on the 25th, a report on this must be sent to the following email addresses of the leadership of Roskomnadzor: As the RKN censors find it increasingly difficult to find criticism of Putin, you can help them. And send from your anonymous mails all the negative that you find immediately to those who are so interested in them.  Primary sites…

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Putin Folk Art: Roskomnadzor training (ZEPR) software to remove Pooty Pics

One creative person drew the pictures from the list for the sake of curiosity, how will the putler's henchmen search for and delete this folk art. There was news that Roskomnadzor is teaching neural networks to search for true pictures about the essence of bunker scum in order to delete them later. ROSCOMNADZOR TRAINING NEURAL NETWORKS TO FIND OFFENSIVE PICTURES ABOUT PUTIN Image of the president with the replacement of the nose with the…

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Roskomnadzor and a Clean Internet

The Belarusian hacker group “Cyberpartisans” gained access to the internal network of the Main Radio Frequency Center (FSUE “GRC”), a subordinate organization of Roskomnadzor, in fact, its executor. The hackers claim that they managed to encrypt employees' work computers, disrupt the internal network and download about 1.2 terabytes of data: an internal mail server archive, internal file storage, data from some internal systems, and data from the FalconGaze employee monitoring system . The archives of…

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Russian Federation hosted a presentation of the registry of toxic content

"Pour any rubbish on your head." The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation hosted a presentation of the registry of toxic content The author of the initiative on the register of toxic content on the Internet and a member of the Human Rights Council, Igor Ashmanov, at a meeting of the Public Chamber, presented the idea of ​​his own company Kribrum about why such a register is needed. Photos of the slides were posted by the…

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Roskomnadzor plans surveillance of the entire Russian-speaking Internet using artificial intelligence

Analysis and Forecasting Department of the Main Radio Frequency Center (GRFC), was preparing for the next meeting of the Expert Council on Artificial Intelligence. The GRCHTS is part of the structure of the main censorship agency in Russia - Roskomnadzor (RKN), and the center is responsible for monitoring the Internet, preparing certificates and reports on the found "forbidden information", as well as blocking it. Putin apologists and Russian funded parrots are claiming the US and…

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