Pentagon: Killer Putin is likely to issue a direct threat of nuclear war due to failures in Ukraine and the economic crisis at home.

Not “probably”, but “definitely”.
Will definitely perform.
This fascist psychopath will definitely try to push the nuclear button.”

Much has been written about the growing threat of nuclear war. The fact that several government planes were seen flying over the Urals yesterday suggests the intention of the “elites” to evacuate.

They also talk about possible provocations at today’s rallies in honor of the anniversary of the “annexation” of Crimea – they could serve as a pretext for a strike.

We can’t know anything for sure.

But we know that the arrogance and megalomania of the leader are now at their highest point, and the real state of affairs is at its lowest point. From this imbalance, the roof cannot but be torn off. So it is definitely not necessary to wait for logical and thoughtful decisions.

However, to start a war with NATO is not to bomb pregnant women in Mariupol. I hope even psychopaths understand this.

Well, and yet, from pressing a button to launching missiles, there are several stages – in the USSR, thank God, they took care of this.

But very disturbing, yes.

And one more thing – the elimination of the causes of what is happening from now on will no longer be motivated by a thirst for a feat, but by the instinct of self-preservation of those who can eliminate these causes. It’s much more reliable.

By Treadstone 71

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