Never despair..a dose of hope

This person’s name is (Shao Ling Li) for 30 years and he has applied for a visa to America to the point where it became known to everyone at the embassy and was refused.

He submitted 15 applications to immigrate to Canada, but all his applications were rejected. He submitted an application to join the Chinese Navy and was rejected.

He and 124 people submitted an application in a software company, of which 122 were accepted, and two were rejected, one of them being two.

He did not despair and struggled, so he thought of entering the field of e-marketing and creating a site like Amazon, but he did not have the capital, so he sold his wife’s gold and took a bank loan, and after many years of trouble, the site failed and he is now in prison

He submitted a file to join the Chinese police, along with 21 people, and 20 were accepted, but he refused.

By Treadstone 71

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