Firms from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and the United Arab Emirates suppliers of spare parts for Russian aircraft

Firms from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and the United Arab Emirates have become suppliers of spare parts for Russian aircraft The largest suppliers of spare parts for Russian airlines March-August 2022, million dollars ATS Heavy Equip. & Mach. Spare Parts, UAE Aeroflot, Rossiya, Pobeda, S7 Airlines 2,60 Istikloliyat 20, Tajikistan S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines 2.46 Guaranteed by Kamil, Tajikistan "Ural Airlines" 1.77 Volga-Dnepr Gulf, OA3 "Russia", 1.06 . Cargoline, Kyrgyzstan S7 Airlines 1.05 Polarstar Logistics, UAE…

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Aeroflot Not Safe – soon to be renamed Aeroflopped

Aeroflot ordered its employees to fix aircraft malfunctions less often - there are still not enough spare parts After the start of the war and the imposition of sanctions, Russian airlines significantly reduced their safety requirements. In today's investigation, we have collected a lot of evidence of this, including the Aeroflot document, which allowed aircraft with malfunctions in the cabin to be lifted into the air.  Details. In March 2022, all senior flight attendants…

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The Dirty Bombastic

Of course, the "dirty bomb" case is a sad fake spread by the Russian authorities. But - and this should be emphasized - through the constant statements of Shoigu, Horses and Nazi Nebenzi, the image of a dirty bomb is "legalized" in the press. Moscow slept when it called London, informing the British that the Ukrainians, under the leadership of the British intelligence services, were planning to use "dirty nuclear weapons" on Ukrainian territory. Two…

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Target: Aeroflot

Доброго ранку, Україно!Сьогоднішній день розпочинаємо з атаки на авіакомпанію "Аэрофлот". Працюємо над ціллю разом з іншими кіберкомандами. Не забуваємо вмикати VPN та використовувати проксі. …………………………………………………………………… Good morning, Ukraine!Today we start with the attack on Aeroflot. We are working on the goal together with other cyber teams. Don't forget to enable VPN and use proxies. https://track.aeroflot.ru78.155.201.8 | 22/TCP | 443/TCP | 8090/TCP | 8090/HTTP | 80/HTTP | 443/HTTPS | 8060/HTTP80.92.36.6 | 80/TCP | 443/TCP |…

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