Cyber Militia & Foreign Legion Targeting for April 28

Сьогодні додаємо до списку цілей нові тендерні майданчики, які також повинні бути "частково недоступними" We've added new bidding platforms to the list, and we hope they will be "no longer…

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Hacking: who is behind the massive DDoS attacks against Russia??? Getting Hammered

DDoS attacks in the Russian Federation impacted 250 thousand people The power of DDoS attacks to which Russian companies are exposed has almost quadrupled in a week, ROSTELECOM-Solar. Explosive indicators…

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disBalancer crowdsourcing cyber warfare (loic hive mind)

The websites of Sberbank, the Kremlin and Rosneft were killed. Ukrainian programmers arrange DDoS attacks on Russian sites - how to join? The below information is from: Кирилл Чеботарев. Журналист, редактор…

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