Data Genomes

A Value Proposition You Cannot Deny

More & more we have orgs coming to Treadstone 71 after spending good $$ with the big threat intel firms. They come to us because the content is weak, analysis poor, and the writing atrocious. We say thank you, sincerely. But, we do hope that companies do not continue to make the same mistake. $$ are precious. We don't take VC monies. We are not beholden to quarterly numbers. We have a model that they…

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Protecting Data at its Inception – Data Genomes and Persistent Security – May 2008

The human body is a system unto itself. Highly advanced but not without flaws, the humanbody must maintain its structural integrity in order to survive. Survivability is achieved in thelong term through procreation in which the genetic code of the original host is inherited by thenew human. Human replication ensures host survivability.If we start to examine the inner-workings of the human body, we could make the determination that the brain is the master database of…

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