Black Skills PMC

Killnet trying to sell their Infinity forum -Firesale

Only 24 hours' price for INFINITY Dark Forum is $25k. The new owner gets the full forum resource code, domain ownership, database dump, stresser resource, dstat, stresser methods! please hurry to buy the forum

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Private military hacker company BLACK SKILLS emerges

Killmilk establishes new H-PMC (Hacker - Private Military Company) Structure of divisions with a brief description of the "Private military hacker company BLACK SKILLS" No. 1 - Department of support (supply and equipment of departments with everything necessary for work in the organization - PC, special equipment and other applied devices)No. 2 - Intelligence Unit (Collective work on the extraction of preliminary information - OSINT, DOX and other tools and methods of cyber intelligence)No. 3…

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