That will leave a mark! What’s in the $800M?

On April 21, the US Department of Defense announced another $800 million in military aid to Ukraine. As of April 22, the United States has committed to supply/supplied the following weapons and military equipment to Ukraine: ▪️1400 MANPADS "Stinger"▪️5500 Javelin MANPADS▪️14000 other anti-tank systems▪️700 Switchblade tactical UAVs▪️90 155mm howitzers and 183,000 155mm artillery shells▪️72 tactical vehicles for towing 155mm howitzers▪️16 Mi-17 helicopters▪️Hundreds of armored multipurpose wheeled vehicles▪️200 BTR M113▪️7000 small arms▪️50 million ammo▪️75000 sets of…

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Putin Projects as he Mirror Images

Reading Biden's statements yesterday that: Putin has never seen sanctions like those prepared by the US;- Russia is waiting for a catastrophe in the event of an escalation around Ukraine;- Russia will be deprived of operations with the dollar, even though the US economy will also suffer; I remember a common type - gopnik-syklo. He is generally ready to fight, but to the last he expects to intimidate. And from this analogy, somehow the video…

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