dirty bomb

If there is a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine

If there is a "dirty bomb" in Ukraine, then the Russians made it. Digest of the Center for Strategic Communications The entire Kremlin army led by Putin convulsively continues to convince the world of the truth of the absurdity that Ukraine allegedly wants to use a "dirty bomb", although even the Secretary General of NATO called these statements nonsense. However, there is a possibility that it really exists. It could have been made from the…

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Russia published photos of Slovenian presentations from 10 years ago “dirty bomb”

As evidence of Ukraine's preparation of a "dirty bomb", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hastily published photos of Slovenian presentations from 10 years ago. The IAEA will send inspectors to two facilities in Ukraine to verify Russia's claims about the alleged preparation of a "dirty bomb" at them, Grossi - reports Energoatom Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, spoke about the situation at nuclear facilities in Ukraine at a closed session…

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