Russian Disinformation on Facebook – Niger

At the end of July, a company called Reset released an analysis that revealed “a network of 53 Facebook pages spreading and amplifying Kremlin propaganda targeting French-speaking audiences in Africa, with a total subscriber base of 5.1 million people. This network propagates Kremlin narratives against Ukraine, NATO and the West, with a key narrative targeting local audiences that Russia is a true friend and ally of Africa.” According to the authors, 17 of the 57…

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Military instructors from the “Wagner Group” were moved to Niger from Mali.

Military instructors from the "Wagner Group" were moved to Niger from Mali.This, in fact, means that the parties are preparing to move into an open military confrontation within the next few days.At the same time, the Wagner is still being used as a command proxy, but not a real combat force.Most likely, as I suggested yesterday, Wagner will enter the African war as troops of the pro-Russian coalition after the ECOWAS troops begin to implement…

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