“Two sessions”: Xi Jinping’s statements

China's Two Sessions: The basics The Two Sessions in Beijing are the annual meetings of China's legislature and top political advisory body which attract thousands of representatives from across the country The National People's Congress is the country's equivalent of a parliament that is, in theory, the most powerful state organ. In reality it acts as a rubber-stamp body for the ruling Chinese Communist Party, passing key laws on decisions that have already been made The Chinese People's Political Consultative…

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Chance Encounter with an MTG Team

Traveling yesterday evening from Washington Reagan led to an unusual encounter. Many flights from DCA include politicians and their staff. But last night turned out to be a dandy. Sitiltimg across from me to the left front was a gentlemen working on his laptop developing content for what looked to be a video. The software had that look and feel and his trimming, adjusting, and sizing of images against a blue background with a red…

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