Traveling yesterday evening from Washington Reagan led to an unusual encounter. Many flights from DCA include politicians and their staff. But last night turned out to be a dandy.

Sitiltimg across from me to the left front was a gentlemen working on his laptop developing content for what looked to be a video. The software had that look and feel and his trimming, adjusting, and sizing of images against a blue background with a red and white banner in the front definitely stood out.

So, I took my glasses out of my pocket and decided to take a closer look. The first image I failed to capture. The second I did:

What I missed but what prompted me getting my phone out was a new MTG tagline
Normally, they read: Save America Stop Socialism

This new one read:


More pictures were brought into the screen, added to the background, names filled out on the red banner. At one point, Matt Gaetz appeared on the screen. Another image I failed to capture. Surveilling passengers is not my normal pastime. What I did capture:


The second amendment freedom rally is today in Georgia:

Herschel Walker Pulls Out Of Marjorie Taylor Greene Event After She Spoke At A White Nationalist Conference

The former football star was slated to speak at the Georgia congresswoman’s “Second Amendment and Freedom Rally” on Saturday.

Walker was slated to speak at Greene’s “Second Amendment and Freedom Rally” in Rome, Georgia on Saturday (March 5). His decision to back out was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Greene appeared and spoke at the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), which was organized by prominent white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Just prior to Greene’s speech at the conference last Friday, Fuente asked the crowd to give a “round of applause for Russia,” days after the country invaded Ukraine. Many in the audience then began chanting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name.

Greene herself has a history of controversy. The Georgia businesswoman was elected in November 2020 after spreading language of the far-right fringe movement QAnon. A growing list of her Democratic colleagues have called on Greene to be expelled from Congress after a number of highly inflammatory comments she made online before she was elected.

The self-described Q-Anon supporter has perpetuated everything from liking social media posts that called for violence against prominent Democrats to outlining wild conspiracies that a “Jewish space laser” may have been to blame for the deadly wildfires in California

Attendees at the America First Political Action Conference praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine last week. 

She accepted an invitation and spoke to a group of known white supremacists who cheered Russia and chanted ‘Putin, Putin’ BEFORE she spoke,

Rep. Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican, wrote on Twitter that Greene was now using her official U.S. government “congressional account to promote anti-Semitic, white supremacist, pro-Hitler, pro-Putin conference.”

“This is a toxin in the bloodstream of America,” Cheney said. “It must stop.”

Let’s get back to the flight to Atlanta

As I continued to watch, I noticed what was on his TV monitor. Now flights of this type are loaded with movies, TV series, and even live channels in some cases so the options are broad. The selection is extensive. The show on his screen was a BBC Special. Then I realized what he was watching. Initially, I did not think much of it at first. Then I sat stunned. Here are the images zoomed in as best as possible:

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s team member was watching a historical documentary on Nazis and Hitler.

Of all the shows to watch, this is the one selected.

Was he gaining more background for todays event? Was the show the only thing he found that did not cause cognitive dissonance? We won’t know but the ‘coincidence’ is too likely.

Going back to the first image I failed to capture, and the STOP Communism started to make sense. Hitler hated communism. He vilified it as we do in our school textbooks, cinema, and political discourse. Greene moving from attacks on Socialism to the extreme Communism is only natural for her, fitting the targeting playbook. You are either our kind of Republican or, you are a communist.

One last image was that of his cellphone. I can make out many of the logos (GETTR, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,), but some I am not familiar with:

The only I wonder about now is if and when the new messaging will appear. Stay tuned.

By Treadstone 71

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