The V.P. Chkalov Novosibirsk Aviation Plant will modernize production with the construction of a new building for the production of S-70 Okhotnik heavy stealth drones within five years.

“There (the plant) has very good plans. It will be the expansion of the production of Okhotnik with the construction of a new building,” the source said, without specifying the production volumes of the UAV.

Upgraded Russian Su-30SM2 Fighter to Control Combat Drones

He added that the modernization will start in 2022 and will take five years. In connection with the modernization, it is planned to increase the number of jobs by 1.5 times. The amount of investments will be about 2.5 billion rubles.

“Naval Su-30SM2 will be able to exchange information with drones and control them. The aircraft will detect and attack the adversary at a distance of hundreds and thousands kilometers,” the newspaper writes. It is due to a data exchange system installed on the fighter jet.

The data exchange system of Su-30SM2 will be unified with the uniform communications, data exchange, navigation and identification system (OSNOD) of Su-57 fighter jet. Head of the scientific and technical center of Polyot enterprise Alexey Ratner told TASS “OSNOD has been designed for a long time and has operated several generations. Su-57 modification was designed exactly for the aircraft.”

The system will be installed on Su-30SM during an upgrade. OSNOD will help the crew coordinate actions with prospective Russian drones, including S-70 Okhotnik.

OSNOD was designed for big data exchange between air, ground and sea forces. It can be carried by various aircraft, warships and mobile and stationary ground vehicles. OSNOD has a high carrying capacity of the channels and its components are easy to exchange. Ratner said “it ensures constant crypto protection and makes interception of messages senseless. It is one of the most jam-resistant communication systems at present.”

Drone, jet interaction

Russia has been engaged in research of the joint engagement of fighter jets and drones for a long time. OSNOD for Su-57 and its modification for Su-30SM2 promote interaction with prospective Okhotnik heavy drone. Su-57 has already operated with it. The first flight took place in September 2019 and tested the interaction of aircraft. The Defense Ministry said the test flight “expanded the radar field of the fighter jet and guidance for air weapons.”

A full-fledged interaction between a fighter jet and a drone will increase the capabilities of the strike aviation. The United Aircraft Corporation told TASS the joint engagement will make the drones fulfil a whole set of missions and fight air and ground targets by the commands of the manned aircraft. OSNOD will help the pilot control four Okhotnik drones.


Okhotnik S-70 was designed by the Sukhoi Bureau with a tailless scheme and stealth technologies. Open sources said the takeoff weight is 20 tons and the maximum speed is close to 1000 km/h. Batch supplies are expected in 2024. 

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